A Song of Ice and Fire: Dothraki



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A brief history of the Dothraki from their migration west over the bone mountains to their conquest of the Dothraki Sea. Based on the series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin. Support Civilization Ex with a Monthly Pledge of your choice at: 🤍🤍patreon.com/civilizationex Follow us 🤍twitter.com/civilizationex Visit our Site: 🤍🤍civilizationex.com/ Music By RFGBc: 🤍🤍youtube.com/channel/UCQKGLOK2FqmVgVwYferltKQ Music by Ross Bugden (RFGB): "Ice and Fire" 🤍🤍youtube.com/channel/UCQKG... If you would like to show your support, please Donate! :) 🤍🤍paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr...

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A Song of Ice and Fire: Dothraki
A Song of Ice and Fire: Dothraki
A Song of Ice and Fire: Dothraki
A Song of Ice and Fire: Dothraki
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2023-09-16 04:03:02

6 years old. I remember when 6 year old videos were from 2007 not 2017 jeez

2023-04-22 21:38:30

Khal Lossaldoosh

2022-11-22 18:58:27

the Dothraki are aggressors and basically wreckers and looters. they make no advancements in science, industry or tech. they are just like the Mongols, Huns and other raiders who came out of the Eurasian steppe. The Valyrians should have exterminated them all.

2022-09-22 11:07:18

The huns.

2022-08-26 21:16:15

Literally just copy pasted history of the Turko-Mongol people. They too migrated from Northeast Asia in what is no Manchuria to the Altay Mountains and then spreading to Central Asia. Also Dothraki are just rip off from Mongols. Khal = Khan?.... Yet not one Asian face is game of thrones. Whack

2022-02-08 15:23:03

The directors forgot about the blood riders needing to avenge their khals bit... jon & the starks would have been slaughtered... the thousands of dothraki in essos would never stop invading westerous (along with the free people and the followers if the lord of light who basically saw Daenerys as their equivalent of jesus)... 90% of all character arcs and motivations was thrown out of the window ☠

2021-09-18 15:38:19

They give me mongol vibes and I love

2021-03-17 04:29:46

Good into 🔥🔥👍❤❤

2021-03-17 04:29:21

Blood of my blood🔥🔥🔥 🐲

2021-03-04 10:41:48

I dont understand how thousands of un-armoured light Melee Cavalry can be so destructive 🤣 ( mongols weren't primarily Melee and were well armoured ). Jorah shows how easily they can be beat in season 1 or 2

2021-02-10 02:15:57

How the fuck you create all this

2020-09-25 22:27:49

dothraki war style is very similar to us.

2020-07-16 09:47:36

So basically they are the Mongols of GRRM's world

2020-07-06 06:35:09

They have an Arabian theme

2019-10-17 08:35:55

They look like middle eastern and Indians. Weird if they're Mongolian.

2019-09-22 18:28:49

It's funny how khal mengo lead the dothraki alongside his witch mother doshi that's sounds like Robb stark and catlyn

2019-07-18 15:43:46

I dont feel bad for the Sarnori. To greedy to unite,

2019-06-14 17:53:45

um jon snow killed daeenerys and dothrakis didnt do nothing even if they are bloodriders

2019-06-14 17:46:13

and"this is the end of dothrakis"...them they plunder kings landing

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