ASOIAF: Bone Mountains (Focus Series)



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A brief history of the Bone Mountains, from the snowcapped mountains of the north to the dry lands of the south and the realms surrounding them. Based on the series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin. Support Civilization Ex with a Monthly Pledge of your choice at: 🤍🤍 Follow us 🤍 Visit our Site: 🤍🤍 Music By RFGBc: 🤍🤍 Music by Ross Bugden (RFGB): "Ice and Fire" 🤍🤍 If you would like to show your support, please Donate! :) 🤍🤍

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ASOIAF: Bone Mountains (Focus Series)
ASOIAF: Bone Mountains (Focus Series)
ASOIAF: Bone Mountains (Focus Series)
ASOIAF: Bone Mountains (Focus Series)
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2021-02-01 05:39:47

Very good video.

2019-04-08 16:58:43

Ya its completely based on Ural mountains. The natural border between Europe and Asia.

2019-04-06 08:14:13

The bone mountains are clearly based on the Urals. Several consider the Ural mountains to be the separation between Asia and Europe.

2017-12-20 03:01:05

I'd let you insult me all day with that voice.

2017-03-05 12:37:16

A Dothraki disliked the video

2017-02-13 23:14:18

Well that was short

2017-02-12 20:58:45

can you make a Video about the band of nine ?

2017-02-10 15:36:37

Can you do videos about the far far east of Essos? Like Stygai and the Cities of the Bloodless Men.

2017-02-10 03:48:25

Hail Kek

2017-02-10 01:43:01

Who the f*** would dislike any video on this channel??

2017-02-10 00:23:31

Who is that one guy that disliked the video xD

2017-02-09 22:54:36

as always, this was excellent.

2017-02-09 22:12:21

Bone mountain sounds like the worst place to drop the soap

2017-02-09 21:14:50

I'm guessing the Jhoghos Nai are Mingols and the dothrahki are like Turks. As the turns during the Osman era used Mongol tactics much like how the dothrahki use jhoghos nai tactics.

2017-02-09 20:47:19

Dothraki ruin everything

2017-02-09 18:01:17

I wish you'd be the next narrator of the ASOIAF audiobooks.

2017-02-09 16:49:13

Pronunciation of nouns are legit. Anyway thanks for the video.

2017-02-09 15:05:09

Those pronunciations are on point 👌

2017-02-09 14:56:36

real recognizes real

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