Game of Thrones/ASOIAF Theories | Mysteries, Myths, and Motives | The Faceless Men | The Founding

The Order of the Green Hand

The Order of the Green Hand

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Support us on Patreon! 🤍🤍 Donate to our Channel! 🤍🤍 !!NEW!! Green Hand Gear Available Here: 🤍 Get your Green Hand Gold here: (15% off) 🤍🤍 Part 1 of our analysis on the Faceless Men of Braavos. Theories and analysis of A Song of Ice and Fire using text evidence and quotes from George RR Martin. Art and Visual Images Courtesy of: Pamela Mertz-Lady Green Hand Game of Thrones Paul Taaks-Green Hand Knight Fantasy Flight Games Mike S Miller Penguin Random House Dynamite Comics Tommy Patterson Gary Gianni Doug Wheatley Patrick McEvoy Hemming Ludvisgen John Picacio Nicole Cardiff Mark Evans Chris Ocampo Magali Villeneuve Christine Griffin Katherine Dinger Scott Altmann John Matson Michael Komarck Roman V. Papsuev Jacques Bredy Michael Capprotti Andres Finer Jean Tay Thomas Denmark Ryan Barger Martina Pilcerova Jarreau Wimberly Chris Dien Marc Simonetti Carlo Bacchio John Gravato Xia Taptara Leonardo Borazio Tony Foti Cristi Balanescu Linda Tso Tiziano Baracchin Tomasz Jedruszek Matthew Starbuck Rafal Hrynkiewicz Jim Pavelic Jacques Bredy Arantza Sestayo Nacho Molina Victor Manuel Leza Moreno Marco Caradonna Erik Wilkerson Jonathan Standing Jeff Johnson Jason Engle John Schoenherr Franz Miklis Dimitri Bielak Ted Nasmith Ignacio Bazan Lazcano Bjarne Jansen Trevor Cook Marc Sheff Marco Siegel Zachary Graves Jordi Gonzalez Escamilla Paul Youll ProKrik Kittanee Gill-goo Vesea chillyravenart SephyStabbity Sashoto Sammy Torres Zgfisher steamey Oznerol-1516 magajaga Jenna Mandaglio elontirien JoelChaimHoltzman laurencskinner Elia Fernandez BellaBergolts Donatoarts ReneAigner Manzanedo ImperfectSoul Venlian Sandra Winther Captain Bombastic duhi Abend86 Prokrik Drawslave Aldok ertacaltinoz denkata5698 Mike-Hallstein naomimakesart JabberJayArt SatelliteGhost koharayuu Silvaticus BerkanOzkan ayhotte Genea KahdiyaLynne Borja Pindado Drazenka Kimpel leeru Crysania Gibi Lynx Qistina Khalidah R-valle Thaldir amaati Raymond Waskita katayanagi Sergey Gluskahov Green Ronin Publishing Tarivanima Daniela Uhlig David Deb Kirsty Carter Miller Digital Art Mike Ratera Aida-Art Recommended Order to View our Videos: 🤍🤍 Check us out on Facebook: 🤍🤍

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Game of Thrones/ASOIAF Theories | Mysteries, Myths, and Motives | The Faceless Men | The Founding
Game of Thrones/ASOIAF Theories | Mysteries, Myths, and Motives | The Faceless Men | The Founding
Game of Thrones/ASOIAF Theories | Mysteries, Myths, and Motives | The Faceless Men | The Founding
Game of Thrones/ASOIAF Theories | Mysteries, Myths, and Motives | The Faceless Men | The Founding
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2023-05-22 23:44:54

vv0chfw_ZyE&t=8m32s 8:32 That George fucked up! The house of black and white cannot be locked. There is a steady stream of worshippers and enters by those gates,people who come to pray at the shrines they have.
If it is locked and you need a passphrase and a coin to enter, how can all those people enter?
If everyone knows the pass phrase, there is no need for it. George fucked up. Worse his editor fucked up.

2023-05-18 06:49:49

Have we seen a male Child of the Forest? I don't think so in the show, but I also don't think so in the books; although we rarely actually saw the Children in the books, they were mostly just referred to.

I'm with you on this Children of the Forest and Faceless Man connection.

2023-03-06 11:15:01

Not every sworn brother can open the gate at the nightfort by reciting his oaths. I believe it has to be a brother, who swore his vows in front of a weirwood. Sam did that, he went with Jon, stating, that the gods of his father never heard him. Before the conquest, probably every man of the night's watch would have said his vows in front of a weirwood tree, since they all came from the north. Sam was actually pretty lucky he changed his religion, when joining

2021-11-16 03:58:57

if she BREATHES, shes a JOT!

lol sorry

2021-06-17 21:58:08

vv0chfw_ZyE&t=15m15s 15:15 is that CK2 AGOT?

2021-05-20 02:53:16

"Jogos Nhai are shorter than normal people, and a STRANGE light-brownish yellowish complexion,--"
not sure if GRRM is talking about South East Asians XD XD

2021-04-01 04:58:52

music is waaaaay too high in the mix

2021-03-06 00:18:40

Great👍👏 video🎥👍🔥

What do you think of the House of the Dragon prequel?

2021-02-08 17:13:49

Why would singers live in the mines . . . In caves yes, but in vulcanic ones, partialy boiling hot ones filled with poisones gases and all the other horrors?! It realy did not sound like a place anyone would be by choice, least of all the plantlife loveing singers

2020-11-13 16:16:28

I don’t know if this was already mentioned, but it would make sense that the faceless men and children of the forest (or at least their fellow race) caused the doom of valyria and are the main btches of the story. I don’t believe the BS that the faceless men just gave the gift out of pity LOL. It’s all part of a plan. Without the dragons, the skills of making valyrian armories, and the knowledge of different sorcery from the valyrians, man kind have no chance against them. Too bad for them, Daenerys Stormborn is born and is probably meant to shank their asses along with Stannis the One True King and Jon Stark the Sword of The Morning.😌

2020-10-14 22:41:03

I know I'm kinda late for comments but I've been rewatching some of your videos and I think I may have a tidbit you should follow up on...

I completely agree that the Jogos Nhai are Children living in a different place in the world, along with the original Faceless Men. Their black and white colors also naturally link them for us. I immediately started to think of other places in the world and it hit me... Missandei.

When we hear Missandei's description, she is small even for her age yet wise, a talent for tongues, and with golden eyes. It it known that the Ghiscari consider them the best slaves because of their obedience. Okay let's talk about this.

Small? Well the Children are certainly known for being abnormally small, that's why they are called children. Wise? Bran seems to be in awe of them and their vast knowledge of past thanks to the weirwood net. A talent for tongues? The Children call themselves Those Who Sing the Song of Earth, a talent certainly indicative of tongues. Golden eyes? Another checkmate for a Child of the Forest.

There are also the black and white butterflies that live on the Isle of match the colors of our House of Black and White and the zorses of the Jogos Nhai. I also happen to believe the woman Arya refers to as the Waif may be a Child as well, she too fits many of these qualities.

Consider looking through the text for more examples, this is just something that came off the top of my head rewatching this. Really loved this theory, and many of yours!

2020-09-03 12:42:08

Best channel on YouTube!!!

2020-07-12 20:40:22

Tengrism the religion of the mongols might have some connection here. Möngke Khan, the fourth Great Khan of the Mongol Empire, said: "We believe that there is only one God, by whom we live and by whom we die, and for whom we have an upright heart. But as God gives us the different fingers of the hand, so he gives to men diverse ways to approach him." ("Account of the Mongols. Diary of William Rubruck", religious debate in court documented by William of Rubruck on May 31, 1254).
As in most ancient beliefs, there is a "celestial world", the ground and an "underworld" in Tengrism.[79] The only connection between these realms is the "Tree of Worlds" that is in the center of the worlds.

2020-06-11 13:21:50

You're going to be sick of my name in your inbox big styles but this video is brilliant, thanks for being. I could see how you were building up to it (very skilfully) with the previous parts of this series and I'm excited to watch more. The Children and the Faceless Men were woefully under-explored in the show and it's always rankled me, because they're so clearly mysterious, multi-layered and important, with so many careful references here and there... D&D were wise to steer away, they couldn't handle anywhere near this level of writing. Aaaah.... themes! Our kryptonite!

2020-05-17 06:08:03

I am deeply sorry to be poor, because I would love to support you in Patreon. You got me through chemo. I am cancer free. Thank you for helping me. I hope you both find the peace and happiness apart or together. Though I hope you find you way to work it out and return to supportive relationship.

2020-01-04 08:44:10

The Children are basically a Litch cult, that is trying to bring about the ultimate Litchdom. Well snap.

2019-12-04 21:11:48

Great video! I think you’re really on to something when it comes to a connection between Faceless Men, Weirdwoods, Children of the Forest, and the Doom of Valyria.
However, I think you’re way off base believing that Jogos Nhai are another kind of CotF. That’s too much for me and it doesn’t even feel necessary for everything else you said.

2019-11-16 03:04:30

hey ... i love your videos ... the unknighted know no shame ... but i feel they just have a problem navigating your videos....

i feel if you synchronized them with clear numbers you could gain more followers...

your humble follower "the Albino Rhino of Skagos"-me

2019-09-20 20:39:00

I'm rereading the books and I noticed that when ned visits tobo mott the doors at his place have weirwood and ebony too. Any thought?

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