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Обзор набора Aoshima Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Final Edition Pre-Painted 1/24


Интернет-магазин моделей JDM Hobby — 🤍 Модель из обзора: Красный Evo X — 🤍 Чёрный Evo X — 🤍 Читайте нас в социальных сетях: Instagram — 🤍 Вконтакте — 🤍 #Mitsubishi #Lancer #Evolution #EvoX #Scalemodel #Scalecar #124scale #jdmhobby

DUPIXENT® (dupilumab) Supplemental Injection Training Video


Full Prescribing Information: 🤍 Patient Information: 🤍 Learn more about DUPIXENT at 🤍 Instructions for Use – 100mg: 🤍 Instructions for Use – 200mg: 🤍 Instructions for Use – 300mg: 🤍 Thanks for checking out this video. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to learn more about DUPIXENT. DUP.22.04.0275

How do PILOTS prepare BRIEFINGS? LEARN how pilots give departure and approach briefings! CAPTAIN JOE


📗📗📗GET MY NEW BOOK 🤍 📗📗📗 📸 INSTAGRAM FLYWITHCAPTAINJOE: 🤍 📸 🌐MY WEBSITE: 🤍 🌐 🛒👕-► T-SHIRT SHOP goo.gl/Svrqmx ◄ 👕-🛒 📖👨 NEW FACEBOOK PAGE: 🤍 👨📖 ▼▼My FLIGHT-KIT I highly recommend for you guys▼▼ MY HEADSET: 🤍 MY SUNGLASSES: 🤍 MY PILOT BAG: 🤍 Company iPad: 🤍 ▼▼The VIDEO EQUIPMENT I use in my studio and outdoors▼▼ MY CAMERA: 🤍 LIGHTING: 🤍 IN-FLIGHT RECORDINGS: 🤍 Dear friends and followers, welcome back to my channel! In today's video I'll be showing you how to best prepare for your next departure and approach briefing, using the mnemonic WANNTRAM which stands for: W - Weather Mention the highlights such as gusts, crosswinds, potential tailwinds on take-off, wind shear reports, visibility of obstacles, thunderstorms in the vicinity, runway contamination such as water or snow and if so does a low temperature affect my take-off performance as engine anti-ice is required. If deicing is needed due to prevailing weather, mention where deicing platforms are and that you have the required checklist at hand. If it‘s a sunny day and nothing worthy to mention, you can tick off the weather by just saying CAVOK. A - Aircraft Mention the type of plane you are flying. An A319 handles differently at rotation speed than a heavy A321. Make your captain aware of that. Many airlines fly many different types of planes often on the same day. Also, mention the engines. I fly two different types of planes the 747-8 with the more modern GEnx engines and the 747-400 comes with two different types either RollsRoyce or general electric CF6 engines. Highlight the differences such as engine start procedures and if you are above 5000 feet or temperatures above 30 degrees single engine start procedure is required. Mention tech-log entries or minimum equipment list items that could impact your departure and climb out phase or require a packs-off departure due to performance reasons. N - NOTAMS Use a text marker and circle or highlight the points that are affecting your departure and flight plan routing. They are called a highlighter for a reason! Make your captain aware of maybe closed taxiways, inoperative VORs, runway closures, etc. and physically show him what you've highlighted. Noise Abatement Procedures When can we start the APU, are special engine start-up procedures in place, is there a special noise abatement routing to be flown, are there certain altitude constraints to be met during the initial climb, do the thrust reduction and acceleration altitude differ from normal? T - Taxi Point out taxiway hot spots and runway crossings or during low visibility operations point out taxi speed limits. Again be aware of which plane you're sitting in, your wingspan and taxi weight can be an issue and therefore special taxi charts were put in place for the 747 /8 or the Airbus A380. R - Routing Mention the expected SID, the standard instrument departure. Brief from the box, meaning read out the route point for point from the FMC, including altitude constraints, speed restrictions, initial climb altitude, transition level, minimum sector altitude, which radio aids you've inserted on the radio navigation page and why, point out the pre-selected radar frequency and when to contact it and last but not least mention the routing for the engine out departure and what your plan of action looks like. A - Automation Meaning what kind of lateral and vertical guidance by the flight directors you'll be using, respectively LNAV and VNAV. M - Miscellaneous Mention anything that was not covered in the previous items. For example, if you were to cross a country border during climb out and it is requested of you to call the next radar sector before evening crossing the border, have the frequency ready. The same goes for oceanic clearance requirements, at some airports, you get the clearance on ground prior to take-off, be ready for that. As a passenger pilot, mention crew related procedures in case of an emergency, when will you address the passengers via the PA etc. Big thank you to all other youtubers who provided me with the video material to create this video. Please follow their channels: 🤍cargospotter 🤍HD Melbourne Aviation 🤍schipolhotspot 🤍Dave Isenor 🤍Tim07737 🤍Movieplanespotting 🤍Mraviationguy 🤍JulietRomeo 🤍Ryan Nagai 🤍Alex Praglowski Aviation 🤍MiamiAirborne ALL COPYRIGHTS TO THIS VIDEO ARE OWNED BY FLYWITHCAPTAINJOE.COM ANY COPYING OR ILLEGALLY DOWNLOADING AND PUBLISHING ON OTHER PLATFORMS WILL FOLLOW LEGAL CONSEQUENCES

Finding the Pre Proto Indo-European Gods


Before the Proto Indo-Europeans, the Early European Farmers (or Neolithic Farmers) were spread across Europe, and they had their own gods. How do we know who they were? Well here we do some analysis to uncover a number of them. ERROR: I did say Mycenean instead of Minoan a few times, and I apologize. Unfortunately I can't correct this audio now it is published, but will correct the error the next time I make a video on the subject. Become a Patreon: 🤍 Or consider a one-off donation via Paypal: 🤍 References: Marchi, N et al. 2022. The genomic origins of the world's first farmers. Cell. Pettazzoni. 1967. "Introduction to the History of Greek Religion." In Essays on the History of Religions. S.l.: Brill Robbins, Miriam. 1980. The Assimilation of Pre-Indo-European Goddesses into Indo-European Society, Volume 8, Journal of Indo-European Studies, pp.19-30 Nadel, Dani et al. 2012. New evidence for the processing of wild cereal grains at Ohalo II, a 23 000-year-old campsite on the shore of the Sea of Galilee, Israel. antiquity. 86. 990-1003 Chapters 0:00 Introduction 2:40 Cultural Migration into Europe 4:30 25,000 Years Ago 5:38 15,000 Years Ago 6:53 The Younger Dryas Period 8:51 Farming Begins 11:16 Neolithic Migration 11:58 The Rise of the Proto Indo-Europeans 14:55 Finding the Old Gods 16:47 Looking at Greece 20:49 Mother Earth... and her many faces 26:05 Are these the old gods? 26:54 Half a Pantheon of Old Gods!

Seed Funding: How to Raise Venture Capital - Startups 101


Get help from our team ► 🤍 📣 Our Youtube subscribers get a 10% off our Design Services: 🤍 Subscribe to our FREE weekly startup newsletter ►🤍 Download our Pitch Deck template: 🤍 Let's say it how it is: Raising money for a startup is hard, but not impossible. First thing first, you need traction to start raising money. But how do you get there? You bootstrap! Now, are startup accelerators the way to go? Venture Capital? Could be. In this video, we tell you a little bit about our story of starting and growing Slidebean. #seedfunding #startups #venturecapital #slidebean Elizabeth Yin Article: 🤍 About Slidebean Slidebean is a platform for founders to scale their startups. Our platform offers everything you need to build your startup, your pitch deck, set up your company, and start gaining traction. Our team of experts can also help you write and design your pitch deck and build the financial model for your startup. Follow us Twitter: 🤍 LinkedIn: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Caya Twitter: 🤍 LinkedIn: 🤍

First Time Building Stairs - Everything You Need To Know


First time building stairs? Today is part one of a two part series on how to figure and cut stairs for the first time. Not only will you learn the terminology behind building a basic set of stairs, but you will learn the math to layout, cut, and install your first stringer. If you have questions about building stairs, please leave them below, or reach out to me on Instagram (link below). PART 2: 🤍 Affiliate links to tools and products I like and use (THANK YOU for supporting THA!) STARBOND CA GLUES: 🤍 HAND TOOLS: Combination Square: 🤍 Kreg Jig: 🤍 Speed Square: 🤍 End Cutting Pliers (they don't sell mine anymore): 🤍 Estwing Hammer: 🤍 Chisel Set: 🤍 Nail Set: 🤍 Pry Bar Scraper (better then mine): 🤍 Tape Measure: 🤍 15-Inch Utility Pry Bar: 🤍 Level Set: 🤍 POWER TOOLS: Drill Combo Set: 🤍 Jigsaw: 🤍 Porter Cable Belt Sander: 🤍 Circular Saw: 🤍 D-Handle Router: 🤍 Small Router: 🤍 Plunge Router: 🤍 Follow me on: INSTAGRAM: 🤍 FACEBOOK : 🤍 My name is Josh Fedorka, and I’m the founder of Training Hands Academy™. I have been a carpenter and woodworker for over 25 years. I have also held certifications in home energy auditing and have built several LEED certified homes in New England. God has gifted me with many “hands on” skills and it is my calling and purpose to share those skills by teaching others. Whether it is to seek a career in carpentry, become a general contractor or improve one’s DIY skills and knowledge, the motivation behind THA is to help others successfully learn how to work with their hands. #firsttimebuildingstairs #beginner #traininghandsacademy

Preorder, Inorder and Postorder in 5 minute | Tree Traversal | Easiest and Shortest Trick


👉Subscribe to our new channel:🤍 Pre-order traversal while duplicating nodes and values can make a complete duplicate of a binary tree. It can also be used to make a prefix expression (Polish notation) from expression trees: traverse the expression tree pre-orderly. In-order traversal is very commonly used in binary search trees because it returns values from the underlying set in order, according to the comparator that set up the binary search tree (hence the name). Post-order traversal while deleting or freeing nodes and values can delete or free an entire binary tree. It can also generate a postfix representation of a binary tree 0:00 - Introduction 1:35 - Complete the given tree 2:23 - Basic technique 2:54 - Solution with example ►Data Structure (Complete Playlist): 🤍 Other subject-wise playlist Links: ► Operating System : 🤍 ►Database Management System: 🤍 ► Theory of Computation 🤍 ►Artificial Intelligence: 🤍 ►Computer Networks (Complete Playlist): 🤍 ►Computer Architecture (Complete Playlist): 🤍 ►Structured Query Language (SQL): 🤍 ►Discrete Mathematics: 🤍 ►Compiler Design: 🤍 ►Number System: 🤍 ►Cloud Computing & BIG Data: 🤍 ►Software Engineering: 🤍 ►Design and Analysis of algorithms (DAA) (Complete Playlist): 🤍 ►Graph Theory: 🤍 ►Programming in C: 🤍 ►Digital Logic: 🤍 - Our social media Links: ► Subscribe to us on YouTube: 🤍 ►Subscribe to our new channel: 🤍 ► Like our page on Facebook: 🤍 ► Follow us on Instagram: 🤍 ► Follow us on Instagram: 🤍 ► Follow us on Telegram: 🤍 ► Follow us on Threads: 🤍 ►For Any Query, Suggestion or notes contribution: Email us at: gatesmashers2018🤍gmail.com #Preorder#Inorder#Postorder#DataStructure

Pre-Workout Tricks for Muscle Growth | MI40 University - Ben Pakulski


🤍 - click to learn how to overcome your limitations - Pre-Workout Tricks for Muscle Growth | MI40 University - Ben Pakulski - Learn the tricks an IFBB Pro bodybuilder uses for maximal muscle growth and hypertrophy during his bodybuilding workout! If you are looking for the proper training split to build muscle, see how IFBB PRO Ben Pakulski builds big muscle through the best 40 day program design routine in his MI40X program: 🤍 Don't miss any Ben Pakulski workout or Ben Pakulski training tips by subscribing to the channel: 🤍 And "LIKING" the fanpage here: 🤍 Here are 5 ways I’m helping 100,000+ people build a body they love right now and how I can immediately help you: 1. Mi40 Foundation - 4X gains for 40 days. Over 100,000 copies sold and once the nr. 1 training program on the Internet - no joke. Start here if you are new to Intelligent training. 🤍 2. Mi40 Xtreme v2.0 - The best workout of your life. University-backed protocol adds 13lbs more muscle over “mainstream” training. Proven with real life results. Learn more: 🤍 Study 1: 🤍 Study 2: 🤍 Real life results: 🤍 3. The Incredible Bulk - My personal training and nutrition protocol for gaining muscle all year long without getting fat. Used by my clients to add up to 14 lbs of new muscle in 4 weeks, or even 30lbs in 12 weeks. 🤍 4. (NEW) Hypertrophy Execution Mastery - The first and only online masterclass showing you how to train for YOUR body mechanics (rather than against it). Avoid pains and injuries. Fix lagging muscles. 1000+ customers, 100+ testimonials. Free 4-month trial of Mi40 Nation worth $228 included. 🤍 How to choose exercises for you: 🤍 5. Mi40 Nation - the all-inclusive membership for those who #demandexcellence. Join 40,000+ members who are taking a holistic approach to building a body they love. Learn more: 🤍 Have a Mi40 story to share? Transformations, big and small. Inside and out. I want to know all about how Mi40 has impacted your life. Email support🤍benpakulski.com with all the saucy details, plot twists, numbers, and photos. By sending us your Mi40 stories, you agree to help us promote the Muscle Intelligence movement. And to let us use your stories publicly to show the world how we #demandexcellence.

HOW and WHY to EQUALIZE combustion chamber volumes CC - Project Underdog #10


00:00 How chamber volume affects the compression ratio 04:32 How to equalize chamber volumes 10:00 Benefits of polishing What is up engine heads, today I'll show you how and why to equalize the volume of your combustion chambers. As you may know your engine's compression ratio is the relationship between the largest and smallest volume of your cylinder. The largest volume is achieved when your piston is at bottom dead center while the smallest volume is achieved when the piston is at top dead center. This obviously means that your smallest volume practically equals the volume of your combustion chamber, which means that your compression ratio is strongly influenced by your combustion chamber volume. When it comes to my build I have actually significantly modified my combustion chambers. My cylinder head is a 4AFE Toyota economy cylinder head which I'm planning to turbocharge. The valves were heavily shrouded so I had to remove a lot of material to enable better airflow. This meant that I increased the volume of my chambers significantly. Of course I was doing all of this modification by hand which dramatically increased the chances of the chambers having large volume inequalities. . The first step is obviously to finalize the shape of your combustion chambers. The next step is getting a piece of thin transparent Plexiglas that is longer and wider than your cylinder head. Next we're going to install a set of dummy spark plugs and then we're going to overlay the Plexiglas over our chambers and mark the position right above the spark plug. Now we're going to drill out the four holes that we marked. Now we're going to install all of our valves. We're going to smear the sealing surface on the back of each valve with vaseline or petroleum jelly. We're doing this because we need the valves to actually seal and not let water past them because we'll be later using water to measure the chamber volume. Next we will need two syringes. A large and a small one. The large one must be larger than the volume of your combustion chamber. The small syringe must be able to measure 0.1 or one tenth of a millilitre. Now we're going to smear a thin layer of vaseline around the outside of the combustion chamber. A little bit goes a long way. Wipe away any excess as there must not be any vaseline inside the chamber. We'll first fill the chambers completely to see approximately how much volume they have. We will do this using only the large syringe as accuracy isn't paramount during this initial volume estimate. Once we have done the initial estimate we will remove the plexiglass and restart the process. Because each chamber is around 35cc I will fill each chamber with exactly 34cc of water. This time around accuracy becomes paramount and your measurement will only be as good as your accuracy with the large syringe. Getting the exact amount of water into the syringe consistently requires a bit of patience but if you do it properly this process will have a pretty decent degree of accuracy. Once you have the correct amount of water inside the syringe inject all of it evenly and carefully into the chamber. Now we're going to use the small syringe to fill the remaining volume of the chamber. As you can see here my last two chambers are the same but the first and second are not. This means that I must remove a bit more material from the first and second chamber to equalize them to my last two chambers. We will lift the plexiglass and evacuate the water from the chambers and get our air die grinder again. Once all the chambers are equal you can finish things off by polishing the chambers. Obviously polishing removes an absolutely minimal amount of material that doesn't really affect the volume. Doing this before equalizing the volumes doesn't work because you'll ruin the polish each time you grind away material. The logic behind the polishing is that it minimizes the chances of a hotspots but it also makes it harder for carbon to build up on the chamber surface. Less carbon buildup is always good because it ensures consistent performance and compression ratio and it also reduces the chances of a piece of carbon buildup falling off and acting as a hot spot for pre-ignition. A special thank you to my patrons: Daniel Peter Della Flora Daniel Morgan William Richard Caldwell Pepe Brian Durning Brian Alvarez Dave Westwood D4A merch: d4a-store.creator-spring.com... Patreon: 🤍 #d4a #combustionchamber #projectunderdog

How to Loop Compositions | After Effects Tutorial


UPDATED VIDEO: 🤍 Over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. If you don't want to type the expression you can navigate to it from: Time Remapping/Animation/Add Expression/loopOut Thanks for watching! TipTutZone [Discord Community Chat]: 🤍 Website: 🤍 🤍 Subscribe: TipTut: 🤍 LinkTCOne: 🤍 Social Media: Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 TipTut Theme Assets: Colour Palette: 🤍 Fonts: Lovelo, Caviar Dreams

I used a split keyboard for 30 days


I used a split ortho keyboard for 30 days... and it was rough. Is using a strange ergonomic keyboard worth it - or is a normal keyboard better? Let's find out. We used the RGBKB Sol 3. I Bought the Weirdest Keyboard EVER: 🤍 0:00 Start of the challenge 1:00 Building the keyboard 2:00 Why am I using this keyboard? 3:11 The first few days 4:21 A breakthrough 4:45 Big challenges 6:25 Switch back to a normal layout 8:00 Should you try a split keyboard? Normal keyboard: Niz Duo82 Sol 3 pre-built: 🤍 Typing websites: 🤍 and 🤍 Other recommended split keyboards: Mistel Barocco: 🤍 (Amazon) Kinesis Freestyle 2 🤍 (Amazon) DIY aluminum split keyboard: 🤍 (Amazon) AFFILIATES & REFERRALS - ►Support us on Patreon for exclusive content: 🤍 ►For keyboard accessories (lube station, stabilizers, lube, etc): 🤍 Use code switchandclick for 5% off ►Pre-lubed switches for sale: 🤍?sca_ref=595371.bpBMLkTOag ►Amazon Prime: 🤍 ►Drop: 🤍 ►Mechanical Keyboards: 🤍 ►Glorious PC Gaming Race: 🤍 ►Music by Epidemic Sound, Try it here: 🤍 OTHER PLATFORMS - Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 MAIL US - Email us at hello🤍switchandclick.com (Business Inquiries Only, Thanks!) Jake and Betty, LLC is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and the Creator Program for Mechanicalkeyboards.com, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com and mechanicalkeyboards.com. As an Amazon Associate and a MechanicalKeyboards Creator, I earn a commission from qualifying purchases. All prices and star-ratings mentioned during the videos are at the time of purchase and what it was when we bought it, they may not be representative of the current data involving the products specified. Links starting with geni.us will most likely lead to Amazon.

Differential Ring and Pinion Gear Setup


See how to set up a ring and pinion gear set. TIMELINE: 0:00 Introduction 0:22 Pinion gear examples 0:40 Pinion bearing locations 0:48 Oil splash shield and seal 0:50 Pinion flange 0:54 Pinion nut 0:58 Bearing preload control 1:33 Measuring bearing preload with rotational torque 3:10 Crush sleeve style preload control 4:55 Learn the parts of the differential case 5:18 Side bearing preload control 5:35 Side bearing shims and shims 8:13 Two purposes of the side bearing shims 8:18 1. Side bearing preload 8:24 2. Ring gear backlash 8:53 Side bearing cap installation 9:50 Total turning preload setup and measurement 11:52 Preparing to measure backlash 12:18 Set up dial indicator for backlash 12:48 Measuring backlash 13:23 Backlash variation warning 14:40 Face Hobbed ring and pinion gear sets 15:15 Face Milled ring and pinion gear sets 16:30 Preparation for painting the gear teeth for a contact pattern check 16:55 Pinion depth shim purpose 18:35 Differential Side gear set backlash check 19:20 Convex Drive side of the tooth 19:27 Concave Coast side of the tooth 19:45 Adjusting backlash 21:00 Gear marking compounds 21:40 Loaded contact pattern check 24:16 Interpreting the contact pattern 24:32 Drive side interpretation 25:10 Coast side interpretation 25:50 Examples of incorrect contact patterns 26:00 Heel, Toe, Coast, Drive terminology 26:20 Toe-Toe = Backlash too small 26:30 Heel-Heel = Backlash too large 26:45 Toe-Heel = Pinion depth is too high (decrease pinion shim thickness) 27:07 Heel-Toe = Pinion depth too low (increase shim thickness) 27:40 Contact pattern tells you if your setup is correct or not Download our Ring Gear Contact Pattern Interpretation Guide at 🤍 ABOUT US: Weber State University (WSU) - Automotive Technology Department - Transmission Lab. Toyota Tundra 10.5" Rear Differential Ring and Pinion Gear setup. See how to set up a ring and pinion gear set. This differential is typically used in the 2007 and newer Toyota Tundra with the 5.7L Engine. This differential uses a removable differential housing, but the setup is similar to other one-piece housing differentials used by other trucks. Be sure to watch our Differential Side Gear Backlash video for complete setup information. We teach current vehicle technologies to our automotive students at Weber State University and online. For more information visit: 🤍 The holding fixture used in this video is the OTC 7020. It can be purchased on Amazon.com and other online retailers. This video helps demonstrate part of the following 2017 NATEF MAST Tasks: A3.E.1.8 " Measure and adjust drive pinion depth.", a priority 3 task. A3.E.1.9 " Measure and adjust drive pinion bearing preload.", a priority 3 task. A3.E.1.10 " Measure and adjust side bearing preload and ring and pinion gear total backlash and backlash variation on a differential carrier assembly (threaded cup or shim types).", a priority 3 task. A3.E.1.11 " Check ring and pinion tooth contact patterns; perform necessary action.", a priority 3 task. This video was created and edited by John D. Kelly at WSU. For a full biography, see 🤍 Visit my other youtube channel 🤍 to see the amazing NVH app for vibration diagnosis! DONATE TO OUR DEPARTMENT Please consider a donation to the Department of Automotive Technology at Weber State University here: 🤍

How to do Typewriter Effect | Premiere Pro


A tutorial on how to do the typewriter effect in Premiere Pro. This typing effect makes text appear letter by letter. Get unlimited sound effects downloads with 70% off Envato Elements here: 🤍

Getting Dressed in 7th Century Britain


A woman dresses in the fashion of Anglo Saxon East Anglia, to attend an important funeral. Anglo Saxon woman: Sarah Cliffe Funeral guests: Judith Jones, Steve Jones Rædwald of East Anglia: Neil Parker Director: Nicole Loven Costumier: Pauline Loven Voice-over: Nicole Loven Beowulf reading: Philip Stevens Make-up: Oliver Helm 🤍 Music: Gaia by Kyle-Preston Set construction: Keith Loven Tablet-woven braid - Penelope Lydiate Location: The Saxonhouse 🤍 Thanks to: David Clayton, Adam Daubney, Steve Jones, Judith Jones, Keith Loven This video, like all Crow’s Eye Productions’ works, is protected by copyright under the UK Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 and internationally under the Berne Copyright Convention. It may not be reproduced or adapted, in whole or in part, without the written permission of Crow’s Eye Productions.

How to teach Kids | from a Prague kindergarten, part 1 | English for Children


Say hello to Steve and Maggie at their LIVE SHOW on 30th December! Go to 🤍 to get one of a limited number of tickets!!! - How to manage 15+ Czech five year old kids in your classroom, if you only speak English? It´s easy, no worries. You need a clear and structured lesson plan, you need to be a leader and you need to show a big warm smile. Use body language too and you will succeed. Children love to be surprised, entertained, they love physical activities and once you do all of it, you can introduce and drill any language you like, even comparatives.

Dialing In Breville Barista Express | Dose, grind, yield, time


Scale: 🤍 Palm Tamper: 🤍 Dosing cup: 🤍 LuxHaus Calibrated Tamper: 🤍 Dual Walled Shot Glasses: 🤍 Breville Barista Express: 🤍 Try our coffee! 🤍 (As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases) Instagram: 🤍 Support the Channel: 🤍 Read the article: 🤍 Are you struggling with dialing in the Breville Barista Express or any other espresso machine? In this video I'll be providing step by step instructions on dialing in the Breville Barista Express so that you can be pulling some at least drinkable shots. And then we'll dive into the details of dose, yield, brew ratio, grind setting, and time so that you will understand how to turn that drinkable shot of espresso, into a great shot of espresso. Dialing in espresso can be a very frustrating endeavor, but it doesn't need to be! In this video we'll look at some helpful graphs, and do some demonstrations so that you better understand the concepts behind pulling an espresso shot, and where the various flavors come from during the extraction so that by the end, you'll be a master of dialing in espresso. Contact us! lifestylelabcontent🤍gmail.com Filming Setup Camera: 🤍 Lights: 🤍 Microphone: 🤍 Slider: 🤍 Tripod: 🤍 Fluid Head: 🤍 #espresso #breville #dialingin AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: Some of the links used in the description will direct you to Amazon, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases at no additional cost to you. = Table of Contents: = 0:00 - Intro 0:57 - Step-by-Step 7:40 - Dose 9:01 - Brew Ratio 11:04 - Time / Grind Size 12:42 - Summary

FIFA Mobile Complete Attack Mode Rank Up Reward List! Plus Pre FIFA Champion Rank Up Pack Opening


The new Attack Mode season is here and we have your overview of all the rewards that you can get as you level up! Including a pack opening for all the Pre-FIFA Champion Rank Up Player Rewards! A complete list can be found below as well: Spoiler Alert! Amateur 2 Rank Up Reward Pack– 3 Silver + Amateur 1 Rank Up Reward Pack– 5 Silver + Pro 3 Rank Up Reward Pack – 2 Gold+ Pro 2 Rank Up Reward Pack– 2 Gold+ Pro 1 Rank Up Reward Pack– 3 Gold + World Class 3 Rank Up Reward Pack– 3 Gold+, 1 AM Gold World Class 2 Rank Up Reward Pack– 3 Gold+, 2 AM Gold World Class 1Rank Up Reward Pack– 3 Gold+, 3 AM Gold Legendary 3 Rank Up Reward Pack– 1 Elite, 3 AM Gold Legendary 2 Rank Up Reward Pack– 2 Elite, 3 AM Gold Legendary 1 Rank Up Reward Pack– 2 Elite, 3 AM Gold FIFA Champion Rank Up Reward Pack- 3 Elite, 1 AM Elite Do you want to be a part of the stopde subtitle team? Submit or review subtitles here: 🤍 Want to see more FIFA Mobile action check out this unreal pull! FIFA Mobile 17 Cristiano Ronaldo Man of the Year Pull: 🤍 Music courtesy of epidemic sound: 🤍 Enjoy! Follow on: twitter: 🤍 (🤍stopde_official) instagram: 🤍stopde_official twitch: 🤍 Thank you for checking out my channel! You have come across an awesome place for FIFA Mobile content! The game that features Football players from all over the world! I love Arsenal, love playing soccer, and love to make mobile gaming videos! I record through quicktime on my Apple iPhone ios 10. I use a logitech c920 camera, and edit with Adobe Premiere!

Startup Valuation: How to Calculate It - Startups 101


Get help from our team ►🤍 Join our Free Startups Events: 🤍 Subscribe to our FREE weekly startup newsletter ►🤍 When you speak to early-stage founders, they often don’t understand how they can either determine a reasonable valuation for their friends & family, seed, or Series A round, or judge if an offer they receive is “fair and reasonable.” There are a lot of moving parts to valuation, and things vary across rounds. In this video, we cover the details and cover what typical numbers look like for these rounds. Thanks to our friend and today host Steve Barsh from 🤍DreamItVentures About Slidebean Slidebean is a platform for founders to scale their startups. Our platform offers everything you need to build your startup, your pitch deck, set up your company, and start gaining traction. Our team of experts can also help you write and design your pitch deck and build the financial model for your startup. #startups #Slidebean #StartupValuation Follow us Twitter: 🤍 LinkedIn: 🤍 Caya Twitter: 🤍 LinkedIn: 🤍 0:00 Early Stage Valuation - Intro 1:07 Early Stage Valuation - Friends and family investors 2:40 Early Stage Valuation - Angel/seed round 3:39 Early Stage Valuation - Convertible Notes 4:52 Early Stage Valuation - Cap and discount rate 5:37 Early Stage Valuation - SAFE 6:11 Early Stage Valuation - Valuation 7:00 Early Stage Valuation - A few things to consider 8:30 Early Stage Valuation - Founder Vesting 10:07 Early Stage Valuation - How much are you raising?

Full Installation of Mini Split Ductless Unit, Step by Step!


In this HVAC Video, I Show the Full Installation of a Cooper&Hunter Hyper Heat Pump Minisplit System! I go over this Ductless System Install Step by Step and show all the tools and supplies used! Make sure that you are EPA 608 Certified before Handling Refrigerants! Supervision is needed by a licensed HVACR Tech while performing tasks as Experience and Apprenticeship garners Wisdom and Safety. Our Inverter Mini Split Resources: Mini Split Book on Our Website- 🤍 Mini Split Paperback on Amazon- 🤍 Mini Split E-Book on Google- 🤍 Mini Split E-Book on Apple- 🤍 Our Single Speed and Two Speed Air Conditioning Resources: My Paperback and E-Book: 🤍 My Paperback:🤍 We've Partnered with TruTechTools.com! 🤍 Use our Promo Code: "acservicetech" for 8% off your order! Check out our new Articles at 🤍 Support the Channel: 🤍 Tool List: 🤍 Cooper & Hunter Heat Pump Minisplit System Installed in the Video- 🤍 Mini-Split Wall Bracket- 🤍 Timecodes 0:00 - Intro on How to Install a Mini-Split Ductless Unit 0:34 - Tools used to Install a Mini-Split 2:48 - Mounting the Back Plate for the Indoor Head Unit 9:30 - Drilling the Hole Through the Wall for the Line Set 18:04 - Wiring the Indoor Head Unit and Bending the Copper Tubing 24:49 - Routing the Wire and Copper Tube Line Set Through the Wall 25:45 - Mounting the Indoor Head Unit 27:12 - Bend the Copper Tube Line Set Outside 29:03 - Connecting the Flares and Tightening with Torque Wrench to required ft/lb 33:46 - Bending and Cutting Copper Tube Line Set at the Outdoor Unit 37:12 - Deburring and Flaring the Copper Tube 43:09 - Tightening the Flares with a Torque Wrench 48:27 - Pressure Testing and Bubble Leak Checking the Minisplit Ductless Unit 53:17 - Vacuum Pumping the Minisplit Ductless System 1:00:07 - Standing Vacuum Decay Test 1:03:16 - Opening the Service Valves of the Mini-split Outdoor Unit 1:06:36 - Connecting the Communication Wires Inside the Outdoor Unit 1:12:14 - Connecting the High Voltage Power Wires to The Disconnect Box and Outdoor Unit 1:15:43 - Wiring the Outdoor Electrical Disconnect Box 1:17:56 - Running the Condensate Line for the Mini Split Ductless Unit 1:18:32 - Sealing the Hole in the Siding Where the Copper Tube and Wires Penetrate 1:18:59 - Installing Downspout Casing over the Line Set and Wires 1:25:59 - Turning On the Mini-Split Ductless Unit for the First Time 1:26:32 - Measuring Delta-T Temperature at the Indoor Head Unit of the Mini-Split 1:26:45 - Measuring the Total Superheat of the Mini-Split, Checking the Charge Tools and Supplies Used In the Video: Yellow Jacket Refrigerant Gauge Set - 🤍 Refrigerant hoses with valves - 🤍 Nitrogen Regulator - 🤍 Appion Red 3/8" to 1/4" Vacuum Hose - 🤍 Yellow Jacket 1/4" by 1/4" 3’ hose - 🤍 CPS Vacuum Micron Gauge - 🤍 CPS 4 CFM Vacuum Pump - 🤍 1/4" Appion Valve Core Removal Tool - 🤍 5/16" Appion Valve Core Removal Tool - 🤍 5/16" to 1/4" adapter- 🤍 Liquid Tight MC Connector- Southwire part# 64235201 Southwire EZ-IN Mini Split Cable- 🤍 Honeywell Tray Cable 50' 14-4 wire- 🤍 Flexible Electrical Conduit- 🤍 Yellow Jacket Torque Wrench- 🤍 Yellow Jacket Flaring Tool- 🤍 Nylog- 🤍 FieldPiece ST4 Dual Temp Meter- 🤍 Blue Vapor Yellow Jacket Gauge- 🤍 Red Liquid Yellow Jacket Gauge- 🤍 Quick Coupler for the Gauges- 🤍 Ridgid Tubing Cutter- 🤍 Wolverine Tube Reamer- 🤍 Lennox 18" PVC Saw- 🤍 Ridgid PVC Cutter- 🤍 Ridgid Ratcheting PVC Cutter- 🤍 Irwin Uni-Bit- 🤍 Geocell Sealant- 🤍 2 3/8" hole saw- 🤍 Related Videos: Steps to Vacuum and Charge Refrigerant on a Mini Split Unit! 🤍 10 Reasons Why A Mini Split Flare May Be Leaking Refrigerant! 🤍 Wiring a Mini Split System, Step by Step! 🤍 How to Flare and Install Copper Line Set on a Mini Split Unit! 🤍 Weighing in the Correct Amount of Refrigerant in a Mitsubishi Mini Split Unit! 🤍 #minisplit #minisplitinstall#hvactraining

Prostatectomy Kegel Exercises for Men | Physiotherapy Real Time Radical Prostatectomy Workout


Prostatectomy Kegel exercises Physiotherapy routine for fastest recovery after radical prostatectomy and preoperative preparation (pelvic floor muscle strength and bladder leakage). Research-based radical prostatectomy recovery exercises with Physiotherapist Michelle Kenway prepare you and optimise fastest recovery from urinary incontinence (bladder leakage) after radical prostatectomy. Physical therapy guided exercises suit beginners, intermediate and more advanced kegel exercises for men to optimize prostatectomy recovery. Timestamps Real Time Kegel Exercises for Prostate Surgery 0:37 Best position for Kegel exercises 0:51 Kegel exercises technique for beginners 1:17 5 Kegel exercises for endurance and strength 4:04 5 Kegel exercises for power 5:05 5 Kegel exercises for endurance and strength 8:06 5 Kegel exercises for power 9:05 When to start Kegel exercises preoperatively 9:11 When to recommence Kegels after prostatectomy Kegel Exercises Technique for Prostatectomy (Beginners) The correct Kegels technique to use for pelvic floor muscle strength and endurance for radical prostatectomy: *Shorten or retract the penis *Contract and tighten as if stopping the flow of urine Best Position for Kegel Exercises The best position for kegel exercises for prostatectomy is standing (1). This position is the most effective position for pelvic floor muscle strengthening because the pelvic floor muscles work hard against the downward force of gravity. Standing is the position where most men experience bladder incontinence after radical prostatectomy. Standing Kegels optimize pelvic floor muscle strengthening and restore bladder control. Long Kegel Exercises Long contraction Kegel exercises train the slow twitch (endurance) muscle fibers in the pelvic floor. These long sustained Kegel exercises train the pelvic floor muscles for lasting longer and for bladder control during bladder filling. Aim to perform 10 long (10 second contractions) 3 times daily. Short Kegel Exercises Short fast Kegels train the fast twitch pelvic floor muscle fibers for power for stress incontinence ie incontinence coughing, lifting, sneezing, standing and/or walking. Aim to perform 10 fast (1 second contractions) 3 times daily. Preoperative Prostatectomy Kegel Exercises Kegel exercises start at least 5 weeks prior to radical prostatectomy. Prehab pelvic floor exercises strengthen the pelvic floor muscles so they are working optimally before radical prostatectomy. Postoperatively the pelvic floor muscles have improved strength and endurance. Postoperative Prostatectomy Kegel Exercises Kegel exercises are recommenced postop when the catheter is removed, usually 1 week after surgery. The same preoperative Kegel exercise training protocol is resumed. Postoperative Kegels are performed standing upright. Research: Pelvic floor Muscle Training in Radical Prostatectomy Milios et al (2019) implemented this high volume pelvic floor training protocol in radical prostatectomy patients. Researchers compared low volume (LV) pelvic floor exercises performed 3 times daily with high volume (HV) pelvic floor exercises performed 6 times daily. The LV group trained lying, sitting and standing, The HV group performed all exercises standing. Both groups commenced pelvic floor muscle training exercises 5 weeks prior to radical prostatectomy and resumed exercises postoperatively following catheter removal. Milios et al (2019) reported faster return to bladder continence and improved pelvic floor muscle function with HV training. Prostatectomy Kegel exercises Physiotherapy routine for fastest recovery after radical prostatectomy and preoperative preparation facilitates fastest recovery from urinary incontinence after radical prostatectomy. #kegelexercisesformen #prostatectomy #physicaltherapy Reference Milios, J., et al. Pelvic floor muscle training in radical prostatectomy: a randomized controlled trial of the impacts on pelvic floor muscle function and urinary incontinence. BMC Urology. 2019, 19(1), 1-10. PMID 31729959. Music That Kid Goran licensed user Disclaimer The information provided in this video is intended as general information and not a substitute for individual medical advice regarding your medical condition. To the extent permitted by law, neither Healthy Fit Solutions Pty Ltd, as trustee for the P & M Kenway Family Trust (“we”), nor any of our officers, employees, agents or related bodies corporate will be liable in any way (including for negligence) for any loss, damage, costs or expenses suffered by you or claims made against you through your use of, or in connection with, this video or information supplied or offered to be supplied on this video. Although we use our best efforts to provide accurate information and other materials on this video, the video is provided “as-is”. To the extent permitted by law, all warranties, conditions and representations provided about or by this video are excluded.

Red Dead Redemption 2: How To Unlock The War Horse And Outlaw Survival Kit Pre-Order Bonuses


Pre-ordering Red Dead Redemption 2 grants players with both the Outlaw Survival Kit as well as the War Horse, but how do you acquire these items once in game? In this video i'll explain and show you how to find both the outlaw Survival Kit and War Horse so you can use them as soon as you can. SUBSCRIBE: 🤍 PREVIOUS VIDEO: 🤍 HANG OUT WITH ME HERE: Livestreams: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Thanks for hanging out, have an awesome day. - MisterBo

Is modular construction the future? | Hard Reset by Freethink


Is modular construction the future of buildings? Subscribe here: 🤍 We live in a world surrounded by homes, shopping centers, and office buildings built to withstand the test of time, but there’s a problem with this focus on permanence. In our dynamic and ever-changing world, permanent structures often end up generating massive amounts of waste, whether through demolition or abandonment. In fact, global construction waste is expected to reach over two-billion tons per year by 2025. That’s why modular construction, a building technique that dates back to the 1800s, is starting to pick up steam once again. The modular construction process involves transporting multiple prefabricated buildings which are connected on-site to form a complete structure. It’s like LEGOs on steroids, using cranes for assembly rather than your fingertips. Because of the ease with which modular buildings can be disassembled and transported elsewhere for reuse, they could lead to exponential increases in efficiency and sustainability. See the full article on modular construction here: 🤍 Up next- The Driverless Future of Construction Robotics: 🤍 Follow Freethink. -Facebook: 🤍 -Twitter: 🤍 -Instagram: 🤍 -Website: 🤍 Join the Freethink forum: 🤍

How to Prepare Your Life for Law School


⚖️ Do you need a great lawyer? I can help! 🤍 ⚖️ Download the Ultimate Pre-Law Checklist at: ➜ 🤍 A special heads up to every incoming 1L - prepare your life for law school ★ Get an apartment that is as close to campus as possible. ★ Get the right technology when you start. ★ Get your typing speed up. ★ Get your personal relationships in check. ★ Deal with your health. ★ Mentally prepare. ★ Use the time before law school to get your resume, your letters of rec, and your references in order. READ THE FULL BLOG POST: ➜ 🤍 Get More Great Tips - Subscribe ➜ 🤍 Share this Video: ➜ 🤍 ★ Facebook: ➜ 🤍 ★ Ask us a Question by using hashtag on YouTube or Twitter #AskLegalEagle or 🤍LegalEagleDJ legaleagleprep.com

Creating Easy Data Entry Forms in Excel


Learn how to easily create and access data entry forms in Excel that will help you more accurately and quickly enter data. It takes just a few easy steps to create the form, and then you just need to understand the forms features, and you're all set to use your new data entry form. Here's a link to the practice file for this video: 🤍 Here's my entire playlist of Excel tutorials: 🤍 *Consider supporting Technology for Teachers and Students on Patreon*: 🤍

Redeeming Codes on PS5 Consoles


Learn how to redeem 12-digit codes on a PS5 console for downloadable games, game add-ons, service subscriptions, and funds for your account wallet. You'll also see how to redeem these codes on the web and in the PlayStation®App. Sign in to your account and redeem codes on the web here: 🤍 Check here for detailed instructions on redeeming codes: 🤍 Check here for tips if you're having problems redeeming a voucher code: 🤍

How to Choose the Perfect Switch For YOU!


Finding a switch for your mechanical keyboard can be a difficult process. We'll tell you exactly what you need to know, so you can find the PERFECT switch for YOU! UPDATED LINK Join the Discord server if you're interested 🤍 (good for 7 days) Switch Tester (Amazon): 🤍 Switch Tester (KBDFans): 🤍 LTC Nimbleback (Amazon): 🤍 0:00 Red vs Blue vs Brown Switches 1:21 Variety of Switch Types 2:25 Cherry vs Outemu vs Gateron 3:05 Specialty Enthusiast Switches 3:50 How to Choose A Switch 5:40 Best Switches for Gaming 8:32 Best Switches for Typing AFFILIATES & REFERRALS - ►Support us on Patreon for exclusive content: 🤍 ►For keyboard accessories (lube station, stabilizers, lube, etc): 🤍 Use code switchandclick for 5% off ►Pre-lubed switches for sale: 🤍?sca_ref=595371.bpBMLkTOag ►Amazon Prime: 🤍 ►Drop: 🤍 ►Mechanical Keyboards: 🤍 ►Glorious PC Gaming Race: 🤍 ►Music by Epidemic Sound, Try it here: 🤍 OTHER PLATFORMS - Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 MAIL US - Email us at hello🤍switchandclick.com (Business Inquiries Only, Thanks!) Jake and Betty, LLC is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and the Creator Program for Mechanicalkeyboards.com, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com and mechanicalkeyboards.com. As an Amazon Associate and a MechanicalKeyboards Creator, I earn a commission from qualifying purchases. All prices and star-ratings mentioned during the videos are at the time of purchase and what it was when we bought it, they may not be representative of the current data involving the products specified. Links starting with geni.us will most likely lead to Amazon.

HEI Schools Teacher Toolkit - Finnish pedagogy for your kindergarten or preschool


✅ The HEI Schools Teacher Toolkit is a comprehensive set of materials based on play-based early education, designed for schools looking to provide progressive early education from Finland. It can be used on its own or combined with an existing curriculum to easily match state or country educational requirements. With its well-structured activity plans and monthly learning themes, the Toolkit includes everything you need to implement the play-based approach in your school and can easily be put into use at any school in the world. ✅ Why should you be interested in the HEI Schools Toolkit? 👉 THE TOOLKIT SAVES TIME* The Toolkit offers a great amount of materials, including worksheets, planning and reporting tools, and of course, the daily activity plans that will help create exciting and interesting lesson plans. All of these resources can help your teachers save up to 20% of their overall planning time. This leaves your teachers much more time and energy to spend with the children! 👉 Interested in learning more? Join our Webinar! 🤍 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Enrich your curriculum with research-based resources ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Attract families with the excellent reputation of Finnish education ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Standardize and develop the quality of teaching in your school Join the Community and discussion about Early Education and how to optimise a Teacher's time and efforts with the young ones in the classroom through the HEI Schools Toolkit: ✅ Want to stay in the know and up to date on HEI Schools and Finnish Early Education? Subscribe to our newsletter and other valuable information here: 🤍 ✅ Dig a little deeper and join our Webinar about how to put the Teacher Toolkit into practice in your school, kindergarten, nursery or classroom. Here you can learn more about the Toolkit as a product as well as ask any questions that might have popped into your mind: 🤍 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ✅ You can find lots of other great resources about Finnish Early Education and Play Based Learning over at our website: 🤍 Last but not least... Come join us on our Social Media channels! Website: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 LinkedIn: 🤍 Pinterest: 🤍 *Time savings are calculated based on the average time spent preparing 40 lesson plans and project themes per month.

How to build your FIRST custom keyboard! (ON A BUDGET)


In this video I teach you how to build a custom mechanical keyboard! I built this for 50 Landing: 🤍 Check out my music as well! 🤍 ⬇️Affiliate links to help out the channel ⬇️ Get Lube and Modding Supplies (code HIPYO to save 5%): 🤍 ID87 Keyboard (Idobao has sponsored the channel): 🤍 Gateron Yellow Switches: 🤍 Keycaps from video: 🤍 Get the Keychron Q2 here: 🤍 ✔️SAVE 5% ON the L80 keyboards WITH CODE HIPYO: 🤍 ✔️ OTHER THINGS✔️ Milk And Honey Keycaps: 🤍 Drop Keycap Club: 🤍 Polycaps Corn: 🤍 My camera: 🤍 My lens: 🤍 My lighting: 🤍 Buy Any Epomaker Keyboards here 🤍?sca_ref=450109.wjDF4oHK4N ✔️ You can now use my link to shop at Kinetic Labs!! 🤍 ✔️Join this channel to get access to perks: 🤍 ✔️Buy Hipyo Tech merch!! 🤍 ✔️Follow my Twitter: 🤍 ✔️ Join my Discord! 🤍 ✔️Join my Reddit! 🤍 ✔️ Follow my Instagram! 🤍 ✔️ Comment what you want to see next!!! ✔️ See my about page for business inquiries I use typetest.io for my typing tests. Chapters: 0:00 Intro 0:40 The backstory 0:48 How to pick a keyboard 2:56 How to pick switches 4:58 How to mod switches 7:12 Why stabilizers 8:12 How to mod stabilizers 9:33 Back to the build 10:57 Keycaps 12:06 Final Build 12:43 Soundtest #MechanicalKeyboard #keyboard #Customkeyboard #CheapestMechanicalKeyboard #BudgetKeyboard #3ildcat #switchreview #switches #keyboardasmr #typingasmr #cooltech #techreview #techasmr #keycaps #novelkeys #taehatypes #Hipyo #Hipyotech #MKBHD #Linustechtips #GMK #TKC

40 полезных автотоваров с Aliexpress, которые упростят жизнь любому автовладельцу #4


40 полезных автотоваров с Aliexpress, которые упростят жизнь любому автовладельцу #4 Все ссылки на товары находятся здесь: 🤍 Содержание видео: 00:00 40 полезных автотоваров с Aliexpress №4 00:17 Наборы тюнинга кузова 00:52 Электронная педаль газа 01:24 Bluetooth громкая связь 02:06 Ручной насос для химических веществ 02:34 Универсальная резиновая губа 03:05 Цифровой тестер глубины протектора шин 03:33 Очиститель гудрона 04:04 Салонные коврики 04:34 Замок-клипса бампера 04:59 Заклепочный пистолет 05:26 Быстросъемные аккумуляторные клеммы 05:56 Очиститель салона 06:20 Концентрат стекло омывающей жидкости 06:42 Автомобильные выключатели 07:06 Накладка на кнопки старт 07:30 Сумка для перевозки собак 07:58 Антизапотеватель для окон 08:24 Траки противоскольжения 08:56 Полироль для шин 09:27 Молдинг для защиты кромки дверей 09:58 Чехлы с подогревом 10:23 Разноцветный силиконовый шланг 10:47 Шланг насос груша для топлива 11:18 Фиксатор ремня безопасности 11:44 Потолочная лампа на магните с USB зарядкой 12:10 Зеркало заднего вида для пассажира 12:34 Цифровой штангенциркуль 13:08 Лазер на дверь 13:32 Вакуумные присоски для вытягивания вмятин 13:53 Автомобильный планшет видеорегистратор 14:22 Фумигатор автомобильный 14:51 Цветомузыка USB 15:20 Небольшой цифровой манометр 15:46 Автомобильной сканер ошибок 16:12 Контейнер-чехол для зонта 16:39 Боковой карман органайзер 17:04 Видеорегистратор с ночным видением 17:30 Жидкость очиститель фар 18:02 Сумка-чехол для инструментов 18:30 Писсуар воронка Все ссылки на товары находятся здесь: 🤍 - Читайте также: 15 автомагнитол в стиле Тесла для Тойоты 🤍 - #алиэкспресс #aliexpress #автотовары #подборка Ссылка на видео: 🤍 Канал DZ: 🤍

Colonization of Africa - Summary on a Map


Let's look at a map and see a summary of the different phases of exploration, conquests and colonization of African territories by European powers, beginning from the mid-15th century. Patreon: 🤍 English translation & voiceover: Rahul Venkit 🤍 Original French version: 🤍 Russian version: 🤍 Arabic version: 🤍 Spanish version: 🤍 Portuguese version (Brazil): 🤍 Japanese version: 🤍 German version: 🤍 Music: Awaken - Anno Domini Beats (Youtube Library) Software used for editing: Adobe After Effects Chapter 00:00 Trade routes 00:37 Portuguese rule 01:24 European competition 02:11 Colonization 03:06 European domination 04:03 First resistance 04:54 The World Wars 04:47 Instability 06:34 Egypt 07:21 Independence 08:25 Algerian War 09:00 Portuguese colonies 09:33 Last departures #geohistory #history #africa #colonization #europe

What I Eat To Get Shredded For Summer


Join Chris Heria as he shows you What he Eats To Get Shredded For Summer. Follow along through all the foods Chris eats and learn about the why he eats like this and the importance of proper nutrition. Find out How to start working out the best way for beginners with Chris Heria and the Heria Pro App. & for more workouts by Chris Heria visit heriapro.com and download the HERIA Pro App in the App Store! Follow us: 🤍chrisheria 🤍 soundcloud: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍chrisheria 🤍weightvest 🤍heria.shop 🤍heriapro DOWNLOAD HERIA PRO APP to have Chris Heria as your trainer in your pocket.: 🤍 SHOP HERIA APPAREL: 🤍 JOIN OUR EVENTS: 🤍 (currently updating) BUY A HERIA WEIGHTVEST: 🤍 FOLLOW CHRIS HERIA MUSIC ON SOUNDCLOUD/SPOTIFY 🤍

Top 10 Worst Video Game Pre-Order Bonuses


Some pre-orders have you running out to the store in order to guarantee yourself an amazing supplemental piece that leave all your friends jealous. These are not those pre-orders. Join 🤍 as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 Worst Video Game Pre-Order Bonuses. Subscribe►►🤍 Facebook►►🤍 Twitter►►🤍 Instagram►►🤍 Suggestion Tool►►🤍 Channel Page►►🤍 For this list, we're looking at those extra little bonuses that came with a game as a reward for pre-ordering. The ones that everyone immediately regretted. We're only looking at pre-orders here, so limited editions like the $1 Million "Saints Row IV" package and the torso bust that came with "Dead Island: Riptide" will not be included. Also "Deus Ex: Mankind Divided's" horrible pre-order augmentation would have also made this list, but thankfully Square-Enix realised how terrible it was and cancelled it, so you guys dodged a bullet there. Want a WatchMojo cup, mug, t-shirts, pen, sticker and even a water bottle? Get them all when you order your MojoBox gift set here: 🤍 WatchMojo is a leading producer of reference online video content, covering the People, Places and Trends you care about. We update DAILY with 4-5 Top 10 lists, Origins, Biographies, Versus clips on movies, video games, music, pop culture and more!

Startup Stock Options Explained - Startups 101


Get help from our team ►🤍 Subscribe to our FREE weekly startup newsletter ► 🤍 More videos for Startup founders and employees: How to Write an Investor Pitch Deck - Startups 101 ► 🤍 How to calculate Total Addressable Market (TAM) - Startups 101 ► 🤍 You started a business, and you want to compensate your early employees. Or you've joined a startup and were offered stock options as part of your compensation. But how do Startup Stock Options work? In this video, we cover the basics for any startup employee or founder to understand. #slidebean #startups #stockoptions About Slidebean Slidebean is a platform for founders to scale their startups. Our platform offers everything you need to build your startup, your pitch deck, set up your company, and start gaining traction. Our team of experts can also help you write and design your pitch deck and build the financial model for your startup. Follow us Twitter: 🤍 LinkedIn: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Caya Twitter: 🤍 LinkedIn: 🤍

Reading bar charts: comparing two sets of data | Pre-Algebra | Khan Academy


A bar chart is especially useful with comparing two sets of data. The difference in the bars give us a quick snapshot that allows us to draw some conclusions. Practice this lesson yourself on KhanAcademy.org right now: 🤍 Watch the next lesson: 🤍 Missed the previous lesson? 🤍 Pre-Algebra on Khan Academy: No way, this isn't your run of the mill arithmetic. This is Pre-algebra. You're about to play with the professionals. Think of pre-algebra as a runway. You're the airplane and algebra is your sunny vacation destination. Without the runway you're not going anywhere. Seriously, the foundation for all higher mathematics is laid with many of the concepts that we will introduce to you here: negative numbers, absolute value, factors, multiples, decimals, and fractions to name a few. So buckle up and move your seat into the upright position. We're about to take off! About Khan Academy: Khan Academy offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom. We tackle math, science, computer programming, history, art history, economics, and more. Our math missions guide learners from kindergarten to calculus using state-of-the-art, adaptive technology that identifies strengths and learning gaps. We've also partnered with institutions like NASA, The Museum of Modern Art, The California Academy of Sciences, and MIT to offer specialized content. For free. For everyone. Forever. #YouCanLearnAnything Subscribe to KhanAcademy’s Pre-Algebra channel:: 🤍 Subscribe to KhanAcademy: 🤍

How To Use Anki Like A Pro [Full Step-By-Step Walkthrough]


One of the most powerful study tools out there for med students is Anki. But how do you use it like the pros who get honors? There is no such thing as the perfect study tech stack. Everyone will have their own note-taking, flashcard, calendaring and reminder apps. For flashcards in particular, there’s Quizlet, Brainscape and many others. But what I often caution my students is to be careful about using tools just because your friends or someone you read or watch recommends it. Not every flashcard app fits the way you study. In fact, the wrong one can take up so much valuable time for studying. Anki is an awesome app that I’ve used in med school all the way to this very day as a medical resident. Yes, it is not for everyone, but for those who are gearing towards getting better grades, having less stress studying and improving retention, then Anki can most definitely help. Yet, it's not enough to just learn how to use it; you should also learn how others used it to blend with their studying. The exact same way I used Anki to graduate with honors and to keep up with my M.D. journey as an internal medicine resident may not work for you. But there are pieces and ideas that you can steal and implement to level up your studying and be the best med student you can be. ⚡LEVEL UP YOUR STUDYING 3.0 [Better Grades In Just A Few Short Days] 📜 Learn what you're doing wrong, 10X method of top performing students, and put it all together to create the grades you always wanted: 🤍 MED SCHOOL DOMINATION BUNDLE: 🤩 ⚡ My best step-by-step strategies to become a top med student: 🤍 MED ELITE COACHING PROGRAM: 🧭 👉 Get better grades in less time with our personalized coaching programs: 🤍 MED ELITE ACADEMY: 🍿 📚 An Entire Library Of Video Courses & Books For Med School: 🤍 Check out my walkthrough for Anki in this new video! Keys To Studying With Anki 🤍 How To Review Anki Cards Faster In Med School 🤍 Here's How To Study Less in Medical School 🤍 Stress-Free Learning With Anki Playlist 🤍 Anki App 🤍 Timestamps 0:00 Intro 0:48 What Is Anki? 1:35 Setting Up Your Anki Account 3:12 Decks Before Flash Cards 4:40 Make Flashcards 5:10 Basic FlashcCards 5:56 Basic (And Reversed Card) 6:52 Cloze Flashcards 9:00 Image Occlusion Add-On 11:22 Using Other People’s Anki Flashcards 12:30 Advance Tips For Better Retention 13:02 Screenshot Method 14:20 Anki And Image Inclusion Method 16:10 Using Tags 18:14 Timer Method 19:08 Breakdown Flashcard Info 20:14 Stress-Free Anki Conlusion Hope yall enjoy! #medicalschool #doctor #themdjourney MY FREE ONLINE COURSES AND RESOURCES: 🚀 💡How I Cut Your Studying Time By 50% In 8-Steps: 🤍 📚 Entire Free Library Of Med School Resources & Guides: 🤍 🧪 How To Get 250+ On Step 1 [Full Breakdown]: 🤍 🏎️ 3 Steps To Become A Top Med Student [You Need To Know About]: 🤍 💪 Become A Superstar Students With These Key Strategies - 🤍 OTHER POPULAR EBOOKS & COURSES: 💻 📜 Get Better Grades In 3-Weeks: 🤍 ✏️ Crush Your Step 1 Exam [Step-By-Step Strategies To Get 250+]: 🤍 👨‍⚕️ Crush Your Clinical Rotations - 🤍 🩺 Become A Superstar Doctor: 🤍 🏫 Get Into Your Dream Med School For 99 Cents: 🤍 ⚡Med School Domination eBook Bundle: 🤍 🎥 MY FAVORITE VIDEOS: 👉 How TO Use Anki Like A Pro [Step-By-Step]: 🤍 👉 How To Study Like A Pro [Step-By-Step]: 🤍 👉 Motivation Video – How To Stay Motivated In Med School: 🤍 BE MY FRIEND: 💌 🌍 Website/Blog: TheMDJourney.com 📸 Instagram: 🤍 🐦 Twitter: 🤍 🎤 TMJ Podcast: 🤍 RECOMMENDED RESOURCES & DISCOUNTS ➡️OnlineMedEd: 🤍 ➡️Physeo: 🤍 15% OFF with code: TheMDJourney ➡️Picmonic: 🤍 (20% Discount) Disclosure: Some of the links in this description are affiliate links that I may get a kickback from 😜 Until next time my friends...😀 Want To Study Faster? Check Out Our Fully Studying Playlist: 🤍

NEW! Best Pre-Made Bug Out Bag? Dan's Depot Adirondack Survival Pack REVIEW - PART 1


David and Doctor Joe dig into the NEW Dan's Depot Deluxe Adirondack Bug Out Bag / Survival Pack! Is this Emergency / Survival Kit the BEST Pre-Made Bug Out Bag? Let's find out... If You found this Review to be Helpful and are Ready to Check Out or Buy Any Gear, I'd be Honored if You Use the following link to Search for Your Best deals on Amazon: 🤍 _ Here's a LINK to PART 2... 31 "Extra" Bug Out Bag Items that Could Save Your Butt - Dan's Depot Emergency Pack - Part 2: 🤍 _ As Promised... Here are Links to the Gear Mentioned in this Video: David's ROCKin' Cool Knife Sharpener: 🤍 Dan's Depot Adirondack Bug Out Bag / Emergency Pack: 🤍 Dan's Depot Appalachian 72 Hour Survival Kit: 🤍 Dan's Depot Ozark EDC Survival Kit: 🤍 David's Bug Out Bag: 🤍 JOIN our Growing Facebook Community.... Just Do It... You'll be glad you did! It's EASY... Simply "LIKE" our Facebook page and you should get updates when we post answers to YOUR questions and Other Cool Stuff... HERE's the LINK to FACEBOOK: 🤍 _ Be SOCIAL! Pay it Forward!!! Please Comment, Like & SHARE this video ( This HELPs Spread the Word... Thanks!!!) 🤍 Subscribe to this Channel for more Great Gear Reviews and Survival Tips: 🤍 Follow Ultimate Survival Tips on Twitter: 🤍 _ Some of Our MORE Recent GEAR REVIEW and Survival TIPS VIDEOS: - Schrade Survival Bolo Knife Review - SCHBOLO: 🤍 - Survival Food 101 - Sea Snails: 🤍 - Becker BK2 Survival Knife Review: 🤍 - Bear Grylls Survival Hatchet: 🤍 - Best Wilderness / Bushcraft Knife?: 🤍 - 5 Tips for Picking a Survival Knife: 🤍 - Knife Sharpening Boot Camp - Session 2: 🤍 - Gear Pods Survival System: 🤍 - Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Survival Knife: 🤍 - Rocky S2V Survival Grenade: 🤍 - David's Every Day Carry (EDC) - #1: 🤍 - Knife Sharpening Boot Camp - Session 1: 🤍 - Bug Out Basics - Session 1: 🤍 - Survival Quick Tip - Paracord Basics: 🤍 - Ambient Weather Survival Radio: 🤍 - SOG Creed Knife: 🤍 - Cold Steel SRK Survival Knife: 🤍 - Bear Grylls Ultimate Paracord Knife: 🤍 - Schrade Extreme Survival Knife: 🤍 _ Our FTC Disclosure: 🤍 _ Thanks for hangin' out! ~ David 🤍 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "NEW! SOL Survival, Emergency, Bug Out Bivvy - REVIEW - Best Backup Camping, Adventure Shelter?" 🤍 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

Never Use Tapcons Again!


We share your frustrations when using Tapcon Masonry screws and fasteners. When improperly drilling the holes in masonry or concrete and using the wrong driver, "such as an impact driver with nut driver accessory" the Tapcons will blow out the concrete or worse snap inside the hole! We show you a better way to set those masonry fasteners from Milwaukee Tool that will make you more productive and will save you money on building materials, and masonry fasteners! You'll get to see first hand the effectiveness of Milwaukee Tool's 1/4 in. x 5/32 in. Carbide Tip SDS Plus Concrete Screw Drill and Bit Kit (Model #48-20-7497) in a demonstration when we set multiple style concrete fasteners in fully cured 4000 psi concrete! Watch this entire video before setting masonry fasteners again! Help out the channel and get some genuine VCG Construction Merchandise! 🤍

PRE-RELEASE & PREP!! What to Expect from YAE MIKO | Genshin Impact


the beginning of the end, for primogem savers everywhere... Support me through ADVANCEDgg! ➤ 🤍 ➤ 10% OFF w/ Code "XLICE" ▼ EXPAND ME ▼ THANKS FOR WATCHING! SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE CONTENT! Follow me on my other socials! ➤ Twitch: 🤍 ➤ Twitter: 🤍 ➤ Discord: 🤍 Intro 0:00 Character Prep 0:46 Livestream Kit Breakdown 1:25 Weapon Analysis 5:08 Artifacts 7:01 Team Building 8:42 Outro 9:34 Outro: Valence - Infinite (NCS Release) 🤍 #GenshinImpact #Xlice #Yae

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