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How to Use Floral Foam


Learn how to use floral foam with this guide from wikiHow: 🤍 Follow our social media channels to find more interesting, easy, and helpful guides! Pinterest: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍

How To Soak Floral Foam by Koch & Co


Wet floral foam is designed to hold fresh flowers in place in floral arrangements, and to store water for flowers to drink and prolong their lifespan. Here’s an easy guide on how to properly soak floral foam. . For more of our range of floral foam products, visit our website on 🤍

1 Hour Satisfying Floral Foam Crushing Compilation No Music ASMR


1 Hour Floral Foam ASMR Sounds All content is licensed by WannerDigital Media BV. Watch full video: 🤍

ASMR Guaranteed Tingles Using Floral Foam 2Hr (No Talking)


Welcome back to my channel! This is a compilation of my last week’s floral foam themed videos, with added footage of carving the floral foam ears! Now sit back, relax and sleep! Timestamps: 00:00 preview 05:58 floral foam touching 08:38 carving ears 29:41 ear touching 33:56 ear cleaning - bamboo ear picks 38:36 ear cleaning - silicone spoolie 42:24 ear cleaning - metal ear picks 47:18 ear cleaning - cat paw brushes 51:09 ear cleaning - dental picks 55:15 ear cleaning - tiny brushes 57:52 ear cleaning - silicone scrubbing brushes 1:01:50 ear cleaning - clay knives 1:06:17 ear cleaning - popping candy 1:10:30 ear cleaning - silicone eyeshadow brushes 1:15:18 tweezer and fondant needle 1:19:46 derma roller 1:24:36 knife finger gloves 1:28:37 dental picks 1:32:27 wooden forks 1:36:32 hands 1:40:14 rhinestone strip 1:43:58 glitter pipe cleaner 1:47:16 felting needles 1:50:39 mic rubbing 1:58:12 cheese fork 2:03:21 melon baller 2:05:00 popping candy 2:09:27 fondant stitching cutter 2:13:36 slime over foam cutting 2:15:36 ridged knife 2:18:10 crushing B站:🤍 Spotify: 🤍 You can also find me on Apple Music and any other major platforms! If you'd like to support my channel and help me improve: Paypal donation: 🤍 Thank you for your support! #asmr #asmrnotalking

How to Use Oasis Floral Foam


Wet Floral Foam: 🤍 Dry Floral Foam: 🤍 A look at the different types of floristry foam and how to use them in your flower arrangements. How to soak wet floral foam, and how to use grey floral foam for artificial flowers. Follow me on Facebook at 🤍 and on Instagram at 🤍 Go to 🤍 for more

How to use floral foam


Floral Foam ASMR


ASMR Wet floral foam...my studio flooded!


The only one floral foam video you need. Need a custom ASMR video? : 🤍

How To Soak A Flower Foam Correctly


Looking for a educational resource on How To Soak A Flower Foam Correctly? This suitable short video explains precisely how it's done, and will help you get good at flower arranging. Enjoy this guide from the world's most comprehensive library of free factual video content online. Subscribe! 🤍 Check Out Our Channel Page: 🤍 Like Us On Facebook! 🤍 Follow Us On Twitter! 🤍 Watch This and Other Related films here: 🤍

ASMR Floral Foam


About So Satisfying: We create and curate the most enjoyable satisfying videos in the world. They are relaxing, calming and will leave you amazed. This oddly satisfying content features ASMR, slime, kinetic sand, foam, soap cutting and more to relieve your stress and keep you entertained for hours. Follow Us: Instagram: 🤍 Snapchat Publisher Channel: 🤍 #sosatisfying #satisfying

1 Hour Satisfying Floral Foam Crushing Compilation No Music ASMR


1 Hour Satisfying Floral Foam Crushing Compilation No Music ASMR Subscribe to: 🤍SatisVid All content is licensed by Satisfying Media B.V. Subscribe to us on youtube: 🤍 Follow us on Instagram: 🤍 Follow us on Twitter: 🤍 Add us on snapchat: satisvid Check out our playlists 😍 Satisfying Slime: 🤍 Satisfying Soap Cutting: 🤍 Satisfying Foam: 🤍 Check out our other videos! 1 Hour Floral Foam: 🤍 3 Hour Soap Cutting ASMR: 🤍 1 Hour Slime ASMR: 🤍 For licensing and business inquiries please contact wannerdigital🤍gmail.com #floralfoam #floralfoamasmr #crushingfoam

We Try Floral Foam Crushing ASMR


Is floral foam crushing as satisfying as it looks on the internet? We find out and try to give you those ASMR tingles! GMM #1316.2 Watch Part 3: 🤍 | Watch Part 1: 🤍 Pick up all of the official GMM merch at 🤍 & exclusive limited edition tees at 🤍 Follow Rhett & Link: Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Tumblr: 🤍 Snapchat: 🤍realrhettlink Website: 🤍 Check Out Our Other Mythical Channels: Good Mythical MORE: 🤍 Rhett & Link: 🤍 This Is Mythical Kitchen: 🤍 Ear Biscuits: 🤍 Want to send us something? 🤍 Have you made a Wheel of Mythicality intro video? Submit it here: 🤍 Intro Animation by Digital Twigs: 🤍 Intro & Outro Music by Jeff Zeigler & Sarah Schimeneck 🤍 All Supplemental Music from Extreme Production Music: 🤍 We use ‘The Mouse’ by Blue Microphones 🤍

ASMR Satisfying Tingle Stimulating Floral Foam Sounds for Sleep (No Talking)


Welcome back to my channel! Tonight I’m exploring all the sounds and tools I can produce and use on with a floral foam. Now sit back, relax and sleep! Timestamps: 00:00 preview 03:29 tweezer and fondant needle 07:57 derma roller 12:47 knife finger gloves 16:48 dental picks 20:38 wooden forks 24:43 hands 28:25 rhinestone strip 32:09 glitter pipe cleaner 35:27 felting needles 38:49 mic rubbing 46:23 cheese fork 51:32 melon baller 53:11 popping candy 57:38 fondant stitching cutter 1:01:47 slime over foam cutting 1:03:47 ridged knife 1:06:21 crushing B站:🤍 Spotify: 🤍 You can also find me on Apple Music and any other major platforms! If you'd like to support my channel and help me improve: Paypal donation: 🤍 Thank you for your support! #asmr #asmrnotalking

Floral Foam is DANGEROUS? STOP PLAYING WITH IT! Florist Warning


In today’s we are going to talk about: 1. the dangers of floral foam, 2. why it’s so bad for you, 3. and what can you use instead! SOMETHING I WISH I ADDED: * The dust from the dry floral foam is really bad breath in. It can cause serious respiratory problems. That's where the safety googles come into play! You don’t believe me? Read it for yourself! ⤵️🌸⤵️🌸⤵️ MSDS SHEET 1 🤍 MSDS SHEET 2 🤍 OASIS WEBSITE 🤍 Other helpful articles and blog Posts 🌸🤍 🌸🤍 🌸🤍 HELLO WORLD! My name is Alexis Christine. I have been a floral designer for 8 years. I post floral design tutorials, florist business advice, daily lifestyle/vlog videos! SUBSCRIBE to my flower journey. Join my membership, Florist Academy here on YouTube! Receive exclusive in depth step by step tutorials. ⬇️🌸 🤍 TIMESTAMPS 0:00 INTRO 0:44 WHAT IS FLORAL FOAM? 1:14 FLORAL FOAM INGREDIENTS 2:10 IS IT ECO FRIENDLY? 4:17 WHAT TO USE INSTEAD, FLORISTS 🌸RESOURCES🌸 🌸 Flower Math Made Easy with Everystem! CODE: flowersbyalexis (get Everystem the second month for free) ⬇️ 🤍 🌸Florist Guide, Flower Identification (Hardcover) Amazon Book ⬇️ 🤍 🌸Shop my Fav’s on Amazon⬇️ 🤍 🌸CoolBot - Create your own at home cooler! $20 OFF ⬇️ 🤍 🌸LET'S BE FRIENDS 🌸 INSTAGRAM: 🤍 TIKTOK 🤍 PINTEREST 🤍 MY WEBSITE 🤍 🌸WATCH MY OTHER VIDEOS!🌸 ⤵️ 🌸 Flower Arrangement Tutorial For Beginners 🤍 🌸 Valentines Day at a Flower Shop 🤍 JOIN the Florist Academy, members ONLY videos here on Youtube! Get access to fresh floral design tutorials added weekly. Step by step video instructions will be provided ⬇️🌸 🤍 MUSIC 🤍 🌸Email: alexischristinefba🤍gmail.com with questions!

15 Best Floral Foam Experiments - Crushing Wet & Dry


Hello from Mr. Hacker & Team! How Strong is Floral Foam? Wet Floral Foam vs Dry Floral Foam In today's video we want to show you the most interesting experiment with floral foam, such as car tire crush asmr, explosions, pressing and much more! In this oddly satisfying video you will see 15 crazy experiments with dry and wet floral foam! Enjoy! Pleasant viewing! If you like this video don't forget to Subscribe and Click 🔔 🤍 Music: 1. 200 Dont's (Instrumental Version) - Sebastian Forslund 2. A Little Good Company (Instrumental Version) - Eden Maze 3. Back to West Seedgrove - The New Fools 4. Cowboy on the Run - Codey Randall 5. Falling Skies - Killrude 6. Heartbreaker (Instrumental Version) - Gloria Tells #MrHacker #FloralFoam #Experiments

FLORAL FOAM WATERMELON for LUNCH! | Kluna Tik Dinner | ASMR eating sounds no talk espuma floral


➜ I made a melon out of floral foam and glitter and ATE it! ➜ SUBSCRIBE: 🤍 New video EVERY WEEK! ➜ Hi, I'm Kluna and together with my venus flytrap we eat funny/absurd meals like: mermaids, soap, cement and much more! ➜ WARNING: Eating is NOT real, DON'T try this at home! Playlists ➜ Kluna Tik Dinner videos: 🤍 ➜ Charlie the Venus Flytrap: 🤍 ➜ Kluna & Charlie (Luna tic) eating MINIATURE food: 🤍 ➜ Business enquiries: charlietheflytrap🤍gmail.com These videos contain ASMR sounds like: drinking, swallowing, eating, chewing but no talking. WARNING: Eating is NOT real, DON'T try this at home! I bought some floral foam / oasis at art store with some green and red glitter (DIY store). I cut the floral foam for the relaxing and tingling ASMR sounds, when I filmed it I almost fell asleep. Then I ate the dry floral foam, it tasted weird en really dry (DON'T try this at home). I poured some water on top of the dry floral foam and it soaked all the water up. I sprinkled some colorful green glitter on the outside of the floral foam. Then I sprinkled the red glitters on the inside. For the seeds I stick my finger in the floral foam, it was really satisfying. After that the floral foam with glitters looked like a water melon so I got a little hungry. I grabbed the watermelon and ate it, the water was dripping out of the floral foam just like a real watermelon. Estos videos contienen sonidos ASMR como: beber, tragar, comer, masticar pero no hablar. ADVERTENCIA: comer NO es real, ¡NO lo intentes en casa! Compré un poco de espuma / oasis floral en la tienda de arte con un poco de brillo verde y rojo (tienda de bricolaje). Corté la espuma floral para los sonidos relajantes y estridentes de ASMR, cuando la filmé casi me quedé dormida. Luego comí la espuma floral seca, tenía un sabor extraño y muy seco (NO intentes esto en casa). Vertí un poco de agua sobre la espuma floral seca y empapó toda el agua. Rocié un poco de colorido brillo verde en el exterior de la espuma floral. Luego rocié los brillos rojos por dentro. Para las semillas metí mi dedo en la espuma floral, fue realmente satisfactorio. Después de eso, la espuma floral con brillos parecía un melón de agua, así que tuve un poco de hambre. Tomé la sandía y la comí, el agua goteaba de la espuma floral como una sandía real. ASMR ressemble à ceci: boire, avaler, manger, mâcher mais pas parler. AVERTISSEMENT: Manger n'est PAS réel, NE PAS l'essayer à la maison! J'ai acheté des mousses / oasis florales au magasin d'art avec des paillettes vertes et rouges (magasin de bricolage). J'ai coupé la mousse florale pour les sons relaxants et picotants de l’ASMR. Quand je l’ai filmée, je me suis presque endormie. Ensuite, j'ai mangé la mousse florale sèche, elle avait un goût bizarre et vraiment sec (NE PAS l'essayer à la maison). J'ai versé de l'eau sur la mousse florale sèche qui a tout absorbé. J'ai saupoudré de paillettes vertes colorées à l'extérieur de la mousse florale. Puis j'ai saupoudré les paillettes rouges à l'intérieur. Pour les graines je mets mon doigt dans la mousse florale, c'était vraiment satisfaisant. Après cela, la mousse florale avec des paillettes ressemblait à un melon d'eau, alors j'ai un peu faim. J'ai attrapé la pastèque et l'ai mangée, l'eau coulait de l'écume florale, comme une vraie pastèque. Diese Videos enthalten ASMR-Sounds wie: Trinken, Schlucken, Essen, Kauen, aber kein Sprechen. WARNUNG: Essen ist NICHT echt, probieren Sie es nicht zu Hause! Ich habe Blumenschaum / Oase im Art Store mit grünem und rotem Glitter gekauft (Baumarkt). Ich schnitt den Blumenschaum für die entspannenden und prickelnden ASMR-Klänge ab, als ich ihn filmte, schlief ich fast ein. Dann habe ich den trockenen Blumenschaum gegessen, er schmeckte seltsam und wirklich trocken (probieren Sie das nicht zu Hause). Ich schüttete etwas Wasser auf den trockenen Blumenschaum und er saugte alles Wasser auf. Ich streute etwas bunten grünen Glitzer auf die Außenseite des Blumenschaums. Dann streute ich die roten Glitzer innen. Für die Samen stecke ich meinen Finger in den Blumenschaum, es war wirklich befriedigend. Danach sah der Blumenschaum mit Glitzern aus wie eine Wassermelone, so dass ich etwas hungrig wurde. Ich schnappte mir die Wassermelone und aß sie, das Wasser tropfte wie eine echte Wassermelone aus dem Blütenschaum. Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is a euphoric experience characterized by a static-like or tingling sensation on the skin that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine, precipitating relaxation.

ASMR More floral foam


You wanted more so there you go ;) I hope you like it guys. Please do not forget to hit that thumbs up button if you enjoyed watching the video. If you want you can also order a personalized video here: 🤍 I can make it and upload for you within the next 72 hours. You can also ask me 3 questions that I'll answer with my own voice.

ASMR Cutting and crushing wet floral foam


I couldn't help myself but to make another floral foam video. This time the second half is in reverse. I think it looks really cool and satisfying. Take care! Here you can order a custom video: 🤍

Floral Foam! (Haschak Sisters)


Hey guys! This week, Gracie and Olivia saw this really cool thing on social media called "floral foam" and decided to check it out for themselves! Have you ever heard of this? It's REALLY fun to play with! Let us know in the comments below if you've ever heard of it before! New to our channel? Our names are Madison, Gracie, Sierra and Olivia and together we are the Haschak Sisters! We have been dancing all of our lives and LOVE music! We just started this YouTube channel and hope you’ll join us on our journey! We love meeting new friends! Like our videos? We would LOVE to connect with you online and let you know when we upload future videos on our channel! If you like THIS video and want to help spread the word, it's easy! Simply LIKE, FAVORITE, COMMENT and SHARE this video with YOUR friends on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram! That really helps a lot! We love you!! xoxo OFFICIAL HASCHAK SISTERS LINKS Haschak Sisters Gear Store 🤍 YouTube 🤍 Facebook 🤍 Twitter 🤍 Instagram 🤍

FLORAL FOAM & GLITTER for LUNCH!! Kluna Tik Dinner #23 | ASMR eating sounds no talk espuma floral


➜ Poured water & glitter over the FLORAL FOAM and tasted it.. ➜ BUY FLORAL FOAM: 🤍 ➜ SUBSCRIBE: 🤍 New video EVERY WEEK! ➜ Hi, I'm Kluna and together with my venus flytrap we eat funny/absurd meals like: mermaids, soap, cement and much more! ➜ WARNING: Eating is NOT real, DON'T try this at home! Follow us for EXCLUSIVE material: ➜ Facebook - 🤍 ➜ Twitter - 🤍 Playlists ➜ Kluna Tik Dinner videos: 🤍 ➜ Charlie the Venus Flytrap: 🤍 ➜ Kluna & Charlie (Luna tic) eating MINIATURE food: 🤍 ➜ Business enquiries: charlietheflytrap🤍gmail.com These videos contain ASMR sounds like: drinking, swallowing, eating, chewing but no talking. I poured some water and glitter over the floral foam and ate / eat it! The floral foam was really dry so I poured some water over, it absorbed all the liquid! I sliced some pieces of florist foam and stick my finger in it, that made some lovely triggering asmr sounds. It made tingling and relaxing sounds I almost fell asleep. Then I got hungry and decided to eat a piece of florist foam (not for real, I pretend to eat it) It made nice crunching / squishing triggering sounds. After that I dipped it in colorful glitter (blue & purple / pink). - 私は花の泡の上にいくつかの水と光り輝きを注ぎ、食べた/それを食べる! 花の泡は本当に乾燥していたので、私は水を注ぎ、それはすべての液体を吸収! 私は花屋の泡のいくつかのスライスをスライスし、それにいくつかの素敵なトリガーasmrのサウンドを作った、私の指をつけます。 私はほとんど眠りに落ちた、うずきとリラックスした音を出しました。 それから私は空腹になり、花屋の泡を食べることに決めました(実際のものではなく、私はそれを食べるふりをします) これは、素晴らしいクランチング/スキッシン​​グトリガーサウンドを作りました。 その後、私はカラフルな光沢(青と紫/ピンク)でそれを浸した。 - ¡Vertí un poco de agua y brillo sobre la espuma floral y la comí / comí! La espuma floral estaba realmente seca, así que vertí un poco de agua, ¡absorbió todo el líquido! Corté algunos pedazos de espuma de floristería y metí mi dedo en ella, lo que produjo algunos sonidos de asmr desencadenantes. Hizo un hormigueo y sonidos relajantes. Casi me duermo. Luego tuve hambre y decidí comer un pedazo de espuma de floristería (no es real, pretendo comerlo) Hizo bonitos sonidos desencadenantes de crujido / aplastamiento. Después de eso, lo sumergí en brillo de colores (azul y violeta / rosa). - Я налил немного воды и сверкал над цветочной пеной, съел / съел ее! Цветочная пена была действительно сухой, поэтому я налил немного воды, она поглотила всю жидкость! Я нарезал несколько кусочков флористической пены и вложил в нее свой палец, что сделало некоторые прекрасные звуки запуска. Он издал покалывающие и расслабляющие звуки, которые я чуть не заснул. Затем я проголодался и решил съесть кусочек флористической пены (не по-настоящему, я притворяюсь, что ем) Это сделало приятный хруст / скрежет, вызывающий звуки. После этого я окунул его в яркий блеск (синий и фиолетовый / розовый). J'ai versé de l'eau et des paillettes sur la mousse florale et l'ai mangé / mangé! La mousse florale était vraiment sèche donc j'ai versé un peu d'eau, elle a absorbé tout le liquide! J'ai tranché quelques morceaux de mousse de fleuriste et y ai mis mon doigt, ce qui a fait de beaux sons déclencheurs. Il a fait des picotements et des sons relaxants que je me suis presque endormi. Puis j'ai eu faim et j'ai décidé de manger un morceau de mousse de fleuriste (pas pour de vrai, je fais semblant de le manger) Il a fait de bons sons de crunching / squishing. Après cela, je l'ai trempé dans des paillettes colorées (bleu et violet / rose). Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is a euphoric experience characterized by a static-like or tingling sensation on the skin that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine, precipitating relaxation. It has been compared with auditory-tactile synesthesia.Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) signifies the subjective experience of 'low-grade euphoria' characterized by 'a combination of positie feelings, relaxation, and a distinct static-like tingling sensation on the skin'.It typically begins 'on the scalp' before moving 'down the spine' to the base of the neck, sometimes spreading 'to the back, arms and legs as intensity increases', most commonly triggered by specific acoustic and visual stimuli including the content of some digital videos, and less commonly by intentional attentional control. The Venus flytrap (also referred to as Venus's flytrap or Venus' flytrap), Dionaea muscipula, is a carnivorous plant native to subtropical wetlands on the East Coast of the United States in North Carolina and South Carolina. It catches its prey—chiefly insects and arachnids—with a trapping structure formed by the terminal portion of each of the plant's leaves, which is triggered by tiny hairs on their inner surfaces.

Floral Foam Centerpiece by Bloom Culture Flowers


This floral tutorial shows you how to make a floral arrangement without a vase. In this tutorial we use an iglu floral foam cage.

OASIS FLOWER ARRANGEMENT || How to make an easy flower arrangement using floral foam


Natural-looking flower arrangement only with three ingredients: Lisianthus flowers, Statice flowers, and Pistachio foliage. This tutorial will show you how to make an easy flower arrangement using floral foam that will allow you to design your arrangement in advance and transport it safely without spilling water. 🌱 FLORAL MATERIALS USED IN THIS VIDEO Pistachio branches Lisianthus (Eustoma) Statice / Sea lavender (Limonium) ▼CURATED FLORAL PRODUCTS FROM AMAZON As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. WHAT FLORAL DESIGN EQUIPMENT DO I NEED? Beautiful and good quality flower scissors: 🤍 Sturdy pruning shears for wooden stems: 🤍 Flower frog for all kinds of flower arrangements : 🤍 Green Oasis waterproof tape for arrangements etc: 🤍 Clear Oasis waterproof tape for arrangements etc: 🤍 Green ”stem wrap” floral tape for boutonnieres etc: 🤍 Floral adhesive for flower corsages etc: 🤍 Chicken wire for floral arrangements and installations: 🤍 Oasis floral foam bricks for real flower arrangements: 🤍 Wreath bases (grapevine): 🤍 Wreath bases (gold metal rings): 🤍 Floral wire for wreath making etc: 🤍 Oasis bind wire for wreath making etc.: 🤍 Natural Jute Twine for bouquets etc: 🤍 Natural Raffia Paper Ribbon for bouquets etc: 🤍 Floral designer starter kit: 🤍 Ikebana set: 🤍 All kinds of floral supplies: 🤍 WHERE TO BUY FRESH AND DRIED FLOWERS? Global Rose: 🤍 Benchmark Bouquet: 🤍 Rumhora greens: 🤍 Amazon Best Sellers for cut flowers: 🤍 Dried flowers: 🤍 BEAUTIFUL VASES & OTHER THINGS TO ADORE! Clear glass bud vases (10 small vases): 🤍 Golden brass vase/planter for arrangements : 🤍 Mason Jar for flowers: 🤍 Durable and good-looking apron in various colors: 🤍 Sweet lanyard with card holder: 🤍 Cute leather holder: 🤍 LEGO flowers: 🤍 ▼NOTE Some links in this description are affiliate links which means if you buy something I'll receive a small commission. There is no additional charge to you. ▼CAMERA GEAR THAT I USE My camera no. 1: 🤍 My camera no. 2 : 🤍 My camera lens no. 1: 🤍 My camera lens no. 2: 🤍 My gimbal: 🤍 Wide-angle lens for Sony ZV-1: 🤍 Camera cage for Sony ZV-1 : 🤍 SD cards: 🤍 SD card & camera battery holder: 🤍 Tripod: 🤍 Studio lights: 🤍 & 🤍 🎵 WHERE DO I FIND MY MUSIC? Music provided by Epidemic Sound: Sign in, find awesome music, and use it anywhere! Through this link, you’ll get a 30-day free trial → 🤍 ▼NEED BEAUTIFUL PICTURES OR FOOTAGE WITH FLOWERS? Check out my portfolios on Adobe stock, Shutterstock & Pond5 where I have hundreds of pictures and footage of floral design work, flower arrangements and so much more! SHUTTERSTOCK (flower pictures & video clips) 🤍 ADOBE STOCK (flower pictures & video clips) 🤍 POND5 (other footage to use on your own projects) 🤍 ▼ABOUT ME & FLORAL REVOLUTION Hi there! I’m Elina - a floral designer & content creator living in Finland. Welcome to Floral Revolution! Here you’ll find everything flower-related in order to get creative with flowers: DIY projects, floral TV screensavers, miniature floral landscapes, how-to-do -videos, and more! Check out the playlist section to learn how to make a flower bouquet, how to make a floral tattoo, get ideas for wedding flowers, learn to make a tattoo with real flowers, spark inspiration to use dried flowers, find beautiful screensavers with flowers, lots of ideas for holiday decorations and more!

How to use Flower Foam for creating Flower Arrangements


Artesia® the New Specially Designed Fresh Flower Foam from FloraCraft®. J demonstrates the proper way to float soak your floral foam and the pitfalls that await those who don't soak properly. J also shares the labor and time saving features of Artesia®! Watch as he demonstrates proper basic fresh flower foam techniques while discussing the features and benefits of Artesia®! The Freshest flowers do spring from Artesia®!

How Strong is Floral Foam? Hydraulic Press Test!


How Strong is Floral Foam? Is it strongest when it's dry, wet, frozen or slightly toasted? We will use our 40 ton press and 5 ton force sensor to find out! Link to our Twitch channel 🤍 First stream Sunday 22nd 9AM EST Our second channel 🤍 Our fan shop 🤍 🤍 🤍 Do not try this at home!! or at any where else!! Music Thor's Hammer-Ethan Meixell

RHNB-Floral Foam


A red hot nickel ball placed on floral foam sent in by Jonathan. SUBSCRIBE- 🤍 FACEBOOK- 🤍

ASMR Dry vs Wet Floral Foam | Tapping, Cutting and Crushing (No Talking)


Welcome back to my channel! This video includes different ways of breaking up a dry vs a wet floral foam . Timestamp: 00:00 preview 02:26 tapping & scratching 7:48 peeler 13:31 tearing 15:01 grater 21:13 breaking into small pieces 23:32 cutting 30:43 crushing Hope you'll enjoy this one and please subscribe to my channel if you haven't already! Make sure to turn on the notification bell so you won’t miss any new videos! B站:🤍 Spotify: 🤍 You can also find me on Apple Music and any other major platforms! If you'd like to support my channel and help me improve: Paypal donation: 🤍 If you enjoy aquatic creatures, check out my husband’s aquatic channel! 🤍 Thank you for your support! #asmr #asmrnotalking

ASMR Burnt Floral Foam Crush :)


#floralfoamasmr #asmrfloralfoam #floralfoam #burntfloralfoam

Smooth & ASMR Floral Foam Peel | Oddly Satisfying #Shorts


Effortless, smooth, mesmerizing, oddly satisfying & ASMR are the words we would use to describe this video we filmed for your satisfaction. We 🤍OddlySatisfying try to produce #shorts videos that satisfy not only the eyes but also the ears. If you have any satisfying video ideas that you want us to film, leave them in the comments section below! #satisfying #asmr #floralfoam #smooth

How to Shape Floral Foam | Wedding Flowers


Watch more Wedding Flowers Guide videos: 🤍 Now that I've soaked my floral foam, I can take it out. And it's important to note that when you're working with floral foam it can be a really messy proposition, very wet. So have a lot of paper towels or towels on hand. I'm going to take it out of here and just set it down. Once you've selected the container for your floral foam, some important qualities to note. This container is great because it has no seams, there's no place for the floral foam to leak. If you had a container that you wanted to use that maybe had seams and you were concerned about the water soaking through, you could always line this with plastic. Today we're going to use a container that's really, really easy. Now, shaping the floral foam. This is actually a really fun part. So I like to take my container, especially if it's a really light vessel like this, and actually place it face down on the floral foam. The floral foam, even when it's wet, is really spongy, and so you can shape it however you'd like to shape it. So I'm going to take this brick and take my vase and just press down so that I can see this is the primary shape of the foam. And this is how, when we start cutting away at this brick, we're going to know that it fits here in this vessel. So the next step is to take a knife. You can take a big knife, a little knife. I like to use a little knife because I like to carve it like a sculptor. And just start cutting away pieces of the brick using the shape that you've imprinted as a guideline. Cutting away. Starting to come together. You can see how drippy, it's really making a big mess. The good news is, as I'm cutting, I can see there are no dry spots in the floral foam, so I know that it's soaked well. And none of the flowers that we put in here are going to have any trouble. This process is long. You've got to make sure it fits squarely into your vessel. It has to be secure in there. So I've pressed it down, and it looks like it's pretty good. You want to leave enough room on the top to be able to fill in the sides. So you could cut it down a little bit more than this, but I don't want it to be flush-flush, otherwise the flowers are going to lie really flat in this container. I like to leave myself a little bit of room on the sides. But if it's too much, you can still press it down a little bit. Here we go.

How to Soak Floral Foam | Wedding Flowers


Watch more Wedding Flowers Guide videos: 🤍 Now I'm going to show you how to work with floral foam. Floral foam comes in these bricks. And they're dry and very light and they need to be soaked in order to be ready for flowers in an arrangement. So there are always two sides to a brick of floral foam. There's the top, and then the bottom with all of these little holes. And the holes are the way that the water soaks through in the floral foam. It's really critical that the floral foam is totally soaked before you start working with the flowers. And as you drop it in the water, you want to make sure that you just really drop it. Don't submerge it. Don't force it. Just let it soak up and it will sink as it soaks. And the really key part of working with floral foam, as I said, is getting the foam totally soaked with water. If you push it, submerge it, mess with it at all, there can be dry spots in the center of the foam, and if you had a flower that got placed in that dry spot, that flower would die in the arrangement and we certainly don't want that. So you can see it's starting to sink as it goes down. And you want to leave the floral foam to soak for at least about 15 or 20 minutes, making sure that it's thoroughly, thoroughly wet. And that's how you soak floral foam.

The Ultimate ASMR Experience: Floral Foam Ears for Unprecedented Tingles (No Talking)


Welcome back to my channel! Tonight you’re going to get a floral foam ear cleaning and massage experience. Sounds include scratching, carving, tracing, crackling, brushing and more. Now sit back, relax and sleep! Timestamps: 00:00 preview 01:25 ear touching 05:40 bamboo ear picks 10:20 silicone spoolie 14:08 metal ear picks 19:02 cat paw brushes 22:53 dental picks 26:59 tiny brushes 29:36 silicone scrubbing brushes 33:34 clay knives 38:01 popping candy 42:13 silicone eyeshadow brushes B站:🤍 Spotify: 🤍 You can also find me on Apple Music and any other major platforms! If you'd like to support my channel and help me improve: Paypal donation: 🤍 Thank you for your support! #asmr #asmrnotalking

Satisfying Floam Crushing Compilation #6


Follow me on Snapchat: 🤍 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 - Just launched Video Credits: 🤍issafloralfoam 🤍lovefloralfoam 🤍alwayscloud9slime 🤍satisfying_pisces 🤍laurensoaps All videos are obtained with permissions and are for ASMR relaxation purposes only, no copyright intended, if you believe we have added your video in error; for content removal requests or request not to use content in future video and all other questions, please email: inexplicablysatisfying🤍gmail.com Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 🤍 🤍 Satisfying | Satisfying Video | Oddly Satisfying | The Most Satisfying | The Most Oddly Satisfying | ASMR

Making a Centerpiece using Floral Foam


To view the previous video in this series click: 🤍 This video will show how to make a centerpiece using floral foam.

Best FLORAL FOAM Experiments !


Best Floral Foam experiments ASMR Music: Song: Distrion & Alex Skrindo - Lightning [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: 🤍 Download/Stream: 🤍 Song: Elektronomia - Energy [NCS Release] Watch: 🤍

Care tips for Floral Arrangements in Floral Foam I Thinkflorist


Floral arrangements in Floral foam need love too! Our local florist, Jackie Lacey shows us how to water floral arrangement set in floral foam and make them last longer. Follow us for more flower care tips!

How To Cover Foam


Brooke Raulerson AIFD, CFD, demonstrates a few techniques on using greens to cover floral foam.

How To Make A Posy Flower Arrangement In Floral Foam


How To Make A Posy Flower Arrangement In Floral Foam The classic posy arrangement is a design that never dates, and the look it has will depend on the flowers you choose to use. In this video, we show you how to create your own posy design. We have used a variety of different flowers and wet floral foam as the base. This would look good on a table, to give as a gift or could be used as a rememberance design. Enjoy, and give it a go! Ingredients - mixed florals, we used - phlox, roses, freesia, eustoma, oxypetalim, carnations, chrysanth, aster, brodea, and mixed foliage Buy your Oasis Products including wires, foams, scissors etc. here: UK : 🤍 US: 🤍 The camera body we use : US - 🤍 UK - 🤍 The camera we use, with lens : US - 🤍 UK - 🤍 The lens we use : US - 🤍 UK - 🤍 The other lens we use : US - 🤍 UK - 🤍 The led lamp we use : US - 🤍 UK - 🤍 The other led lamp we use : US - 🤍 UK - 🤍 Memory Card for the camera : US - 🤍 UK - 🤍 Check out our other videos, and subscribe to our channel by clicking here : 🤍 There's a lot more to come! Facebook : 🤍 Instagram : 🤍 E-mail : flowerjoos🤍gmail.com

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