SpaceX CRS-29 Cargo Dragon docks with space station



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See the approach and soft capture of the SpaceX CRS-29 cargo spacecraft to the International Space Station. The capsule arrived at the orbital outpost on Nov. 11, 2023. See the launch: 🤍🤍 Credit: NASA

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SpaceX CRS-29 Cargo Dragon docks with space station
SpaceX CRS-29 Cargo Dragon docks with space station
SpaceX CRS-29 Cargo Dragon docks with space station
SpaceX CRS-29 Cargo Dragon docks with space station
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2023-11-15 14:09:41

Excellent docking! Hope Christmas stuff & supplies all intact

2023-11-15 05:01:41

Did anyone else feel like we were watching cut scene s from Mel Brooks Spaceballs? I mean come on that whole thing looked so fake I could not stop shaking my head in disgust ! I mean come on really in the vast infinite vacuum spaces darkens bleak as it is those two vehicles with the absence of light showed up perfectly detailed lime thsh were impossibly white and when I first checked the resolution I was viewing it in was 2:40 p.m. the lowest possible and I mean the detail on it was so vivid that you would have thought that it was straight out of a Star Trek it's like they're not even trying anymore and I'm pretty sure I saw one of them shake like they were on a wire.

2023-11-13 03:35:46

Question: I observed a little bounce back when Dragon made contact with ISS. I thought I would then see a little thruster action to compensate but I did not. Can anyone tell me why not? Do the hooks reach out and grab it back immediately on contact? Or just exactly how does that work?

2023-11-12 18:18:47

Elon rules!

2023-11-12 17:45:24

We just going to pause here for a second, before we start approaching?? Isn't the ISS traveling over 17,000 mph, fake fake fake NASA is just another government scam open your eyes people and do your research.

2023-11-12 13:47:52


2023-11-12 05:17:16


2023-11-12 05:13:13

Good Luck .😊

2023-11-12 04:15:55

Awesome design. I really like the "head" and the "eyes". Honestly felt like a concept from a sci-fi movie we are used to seeing ten years ago.

2023-11-12 04:05:51

Beautiful ~

2023-11-11 23:00:00

this docking reminds me of porn

2023-11-11 20:48:53

What’s the micro-ufo that flies past at 8gkXdBOmbGU&t=06m47s 06:47 doing there? Defo a conspiracy :)

2023-11-11 20:16:35

How do people fall for this garbage 😂

2023-11-11 19:45:24

Seeing the two coupled, I thought to myself that the raised lid will prevent the WEATHER from entering the port. Quickly followed by D'Oh!

2023-11-11 18:20:57

Nice docking

2023-11-11 17:04:43

Hooray!!!! 😂🎉❤🌎💫✨🛰️

2023-11-11 16:16:16

That’s a good looking design

2023-11-11 16:10:34

What’s really amazing is these vehicles are moving at 17k mph or so .

2023-11-11 15:55:29

THE soundtrack from 2001 is playing in my head during this docking!

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